Configure Ubiquiti UniFi WAP to Use Cloud RADIUS

Get the strength and security of RADIUS without building, maintaining, or monitoring physical servers. It’s also quick to roll out managed RADIUS to your organization to authenticate users to Wi-Fi, VPNs, switches, and network devices securely. Read this article to learn how to Configure a Ubiquiti UniFi WAP with JumpCloud's RADIUS.

Settings and Configuration Notes

To view the Shared Secret:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Select USER AUTHENTICATION > RADIUS from the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click to select a configured RADIUS server.
  4. The Shared Secret is below Server Name. Click the eye to make the characters visible,

  • The Ubiquiti UniFi WAP configuration uses WPA2 Enterprise for encryption/authentication.
  • JumpCloud supports the 1812/UDP RADIUS port. Accounting port 1813 isn’t supported.

UniFi Configuration


When you change the Host IP of the RADIUS server in the UniFi configuration, re-enter the secret for that record, or tests for the new setting may fail.

Adding JumpCloud RADIUS to UniFi Settings

To add JumpCloud as the RADIUS Auth Provider:

  1. Create a RADIUS Profile in UniFi.
  2. Log in to your UniFi Network Portal.
  3. Go to Settings > Profiles, then select the RADIUS tab. 
  4. Configure the Profile Name of JumpCloud RADIUS.
  5. For RADIUS Auth Server:
    1. Enter one of JumpCloud’s RADIUS Server IP Addresses in UniFi’s IP Address field. 
    2. Enter 1812 in the Port field. 
    3. For Password/Shared Secret, enter the RADIUS server shared secret that you created in JumpCloud.
    4. Click Save

Configuring the UniFi Network for JumpCloud RADIUS Profile

To use your new JumpCloud RADIUS Profile with your UniFi managed network: 

  1. Open your UniFi Networks Portal.
  2. Go to Settings > Wireless Networks.
  3. Create a new network or click Edit to modify an existing network.
  4. Select WPA Enterprise for security.
  5. Ensure that the RADIUS Profile is set for the new JumpCloud RADIUS profile you’ve just created. 
  6. Click Save
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