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Make Life Hard for Hackers.

Compromised credentials are the #1 attack vector. Multi-factor Authentication (often also called two factor authentication or 2FA) is changing that. MFA works by requiring users to combine what they know (their password) with what they have (their MFA token). JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® enables IT admins to enforce MFA for access to desktops, laptops, servers, apps, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

JumpCloud MFA
  • MFA for macOS, Windows, and Linux workstations and servers
  • MFA for web apps and cloud infrastructure
  • MFA for VPN network access via the RADIUS protocol
  • MFA for JumpCloud User Portal and Admin Console access
  • TOTP compatible
  • Conditional MFA with Duo Security

Proven Security

MFA protects critical IT resources, prevents costly breaches, and helps organizations achieve compliance.

Simpler Workflows

Simple Workflows

Easy for both admins and users, JumpCloud MFA can be set up in three steps. Flexible enrollment periods and automated reminders streamline implementation.

Built-In to JumpCloud


JumpCloud MFA comes included with the Directory-as-a-Service platform at no additional cost.

Multi-Factor Authentication Features

User and Admin Portal MFA

Defend the keys to your digital kingdom. JumpCloud’s web-based user and admin portals centralize access to SAML apps, LDAP services, and IaaS resources such as AWS® and GCP®. Safeguard all of the above by requiring MFA for entry to your JumpCloud tenant.

Workstation and Server MFA

Protect the data on workstations and servers by requiring multi-factor authentication at login or combined with SSH. JumpCloud upgrades device security not only with MFA, but also with a suite of system management capabilities including policies for USB lock and full disk encryption.

Privileged Network MFA

Fortify your critical network resources by enforcing multi-factor authentication on RADIUS-secured VPN networks. Cloud RADIUS from JumpCloud ensures only the right people are gaining network access, whether they’re on-site or remote.

User-Friendly Enrollment

Use JumpCloud’s enrollment periods to establish a specific time frame for users to set up MFA. This gives users the flexibility to initiate MFA when it doesn’t disrupt their work while still providing automatic reminders and a hard deadline for compliance.

Best-of-Breed MFA with Duo

Guard the user portal with Duo Security's MFA authentication through push notifications, phone callbacks, mobile passcodes, and U2F Security Keys. Leverage Duo to apply policies or conditional logic to secure your user access with industry-leading MFA.

Full list of features on our Pricing Page.

Case Studies

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiFi;

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiF

As a financial leader in the credit card rewards space, Augeo FI needed strong identity security from a central location. With JumpCloud for identity management and MFA, they locked down access to devices and networks.

Centralizing Passwords and Securing the Network While Achieving GDPR Compliance

Centralizing Passwords and Securing the Network While Achieving GDPR Compliance

Faced with looming GDPR compliance regulations, Doublestruck needed secure identities, and fast. They turned to JumpCloud to prepare for their audits and protect their IT resources.

Unifying IT Coast-to-Coast by Replacing Active Directory®

Unifying IT Coast-to-Coast by Replacing Active Directory®:

When Ace Workforce Technologies (formerly Ace Payroll) decided to shift from their Active Directory instance, they wanted to ensure their new identities were protected. JumpCloud was there to replace AD and secure Mac & Linux systems with MFA.