Validate Identities. Guard your Resources.

Jeopardized passwords are a cybercriminal's top target. Make life hard for hackers with system- and application level-MFA to authenticate Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® users to the User Portal and other JumpCloud-managed resources. JumpCloud MFA is free with the Directory-as-a-Service platform.

JumpCloud MFA
  • Protect macOS, Windows, and Linux systems
  • Guard JumpCloud Admin and User Portal access
  • Secure VPN network access via JumpCloud RADIUS services
  • Enforce MFA for cloud-based and on-prem resources
  • Implement conditional MFA with Duo Security
  • Use TOTP-qualified apps like Google Authenticator, Free OTP, and Yubico Authenticator for YubiKey
  • WebAuthn Security Key compatible for User Portal

Enforce MFA Quickly in Clicks

Enable MFA with just a few clicks in the Admin Portal to manage authentication for users and resources from a centralized platform.

Choose your MFA Method

Your MFA choices with JumpCloud range from TOTP to Duo and Yubikey, depending on how you want users to authenticate.

Cross-OS MFA for Complete Fleet Protection

JumpCloud’s cloud-based MFA secures hybrid fleets of Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints.

JumpCloud Multi-factor Authentication Features

JumpCloud’s MFA is an easy-to-implement security standard to keep your data safer, and a core tenet of the central user identity services provided by JumpCloud DaaS. JumpCloud MFA natively supports cross-platform environments, web and on-prem applications, physical and virtual file storage solutions, and networks spanning global presences so you can trust that your resources have an extra layer of protection that could be the difference between end-to-end safety or a catastrophic breach.

Cross-OS Workstation and Server MFA

Add additional protection to your fleet of macOS, Windows and Linux workstations and servers by enforcing MFA at login.

Guard the Admin and User Portal

Enforce MFA to defend the keys to your digital kingdom from your JumpCloud tenant. JumpCloud’s web-based User and Admin Portals centralize access to SAML apps, LDAP services, and IaaS resources like AWS® and GCP®.

Secure Resources in the Cloud

JumpCloud MFA provides one token for users to access every SSO resource. MFA for web applications and cloud infrastructure lets teams access resources from any system they’re using, anywhere in the world.

VPN and Privileged Network Authentication

Fortify critical network resources with MFA on RADIUS-secured VPN networks. Cloud RADIUS from JumpCloud ensures only the right people can gain network access, whether they’re on-site or remote.

Best-of-Breed MFA

Leverage the MFA product of your choice to gate resources. Guard the user portal with advanced push-to-verify solutions like Duo Security's MFA authentication through push notifications, phone callbacks, mobile passcodes, and U2F Security Keys.

User-Friendly Enrollment

Use enrollment periods to establish a specific time frame for users to set up their MFA and provide the flexibility to initiate it when it doesn’t disrupt their work — while automating reminders and setting a hard deadline for compliance.

WebAuthn Security Key support

Implement security keys leveraging WebAuthn such as Yubikey to guard the JumpCloud User Portal and connected SSO Applications. This helps protect and secure access by introducing WebAuthn Security Keys as a secondary authentication factor.

Your data is too valuable to protect with just a username and password.

With your network constantly threatened by brute force login attacks or compromised user identities, MFA guarantees that your resources are better protected against the attacks you face.

Protect your data with MFA

Case Studies

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiFi;

Unifying Authentication to Systems, Apps, OpenVPN, and WiF

As a financial leader in the credit card rewards space, Augeo FI needed strong identity security from a central location. With JumpCloud for identity management and MFA, they locked down access to devices and networks.

Centralizing Passwords and Securing the Network While Achieving GDPR Compliance

Centralizing Passwords and Securing the Network While Achieving GDPR Compliance

Faced with looming GDPR compliance regulations, Doublestruck needed secure identities, and fast. They turned to JumpCloud to prepare for their audits and protect their IT resources.

Unifying IT Coast-to-Coast by Replacing Active Directory®

Unifying IT Coast-to-Coast by Replacing Active Directory®:

When Ace Workforce Technologies (formerly Ace Payroll) decided to shift from their Active Directory instance, they wanted to ensure their new identities were protected. JumpCloud was there to replace AD and secure Mac & Linux systems with MFA.