Astra Digital Mobil Builds IT Infrastructure on Top of JumpCloud

Astra International is one of Indonesia’s largest public companies, comprising 283 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies and powered by more than 200,000 employees. One such subsidiary is Astra Digital Mobil (ADMO). In 2022, ADMO launched mobbi, a used car B2C platform, marking its entry into the digital automotive sector. The next year, Astra Digital Mobil acquired OLX, one of Indonesia’s largest online platforms for classified ads. In early 2024, mobil88, a key player in Indonesia’s used car market, became a part of Astra Digital Mobil, further expanding its reach. In March 2024, Astra Digital Mobil merged three major brands in its used car business category — mobil88, mobbi, and OLX Autos — into OLXmobbi, solidifying Astra Digital Mobil’s position and enhancing its offerings to Indonesia’s used car market. Due to the company’s remarkable growth, ADMO’s employee count soared from 200 in October 2023 to an impressive 1,000 by March 2024

Designing IT infrastructure from a blank slate

In November 2022, Lirico Nurcahyadi joined Astra Digital Mobil as the company’s Head of Technology. At the time, the Technology team was just being assembled and there wasn’t really any infrastructure in place; Astra Digital Mobil was as startup-like as a startup can be. 

“I was selected and trusted to build out our infrastructure from scratch,” Lirico Nurcahyadi says, adding that the initial Technology team was 16 members strong. “We didn’t have any device management tools, a single sign-on provider, you name it — there was nothing.”

Building the Tech structure and framework on top of JumpCloud

Before joining Astra Digital Mobil, Lirico Nurcahyadi worked at a company that was in the middle of testing JumpCloud in a proof of concept. That experience made his decision on how to build an IT environment from the ground up an easy one.

“Without having any doubt, I chose JumpCloud as our main cloud directory because I knew it comes with the whole package of tools that every company needs,” he says. “It was a straightforward decision because we were an entirely new company without any existing technologies.”

Establishing a secure, scalable foundation to support rapid growth

With JumpCloud at the center of Astra Digital Mobil’s tech footprint, the company is well-positioned to scale. In fact, they’ve already grown from 200 to more than 1,000 licenses in just a little more than a year; Lirico Nurcahyadi’s team has increased from 16 to 104 Technology and Engineering specialists in that time.

The way Lirico Nurcahyadi sees it, businesses of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from JumpCloud. “JumpCloud is a no-brainer for every startup company, as well as for bigger enterprises,” he says.

Headache-free deployment

For deployment, Astra Digital Mobil partnered with Eikon Technologies, a JumpCloud partner. As a result, the company enjoyed a smooth installation and didn’t have to worry about something going seriously wrong.

“Choosing the right partner enabled us to seamlessly migrate to JumpCloud,” he explains. “Eikon had tons of experience deploying this solution, so we were a bit more relaxed on the migration. They really helped us when implementing the solution and rolling it out to other devices.”

Ease of use 

Thanks to its intuitive design, JumpCloud is easy to use for both IT operators and end users.

“For end users, they just log in and can see which applications they can access through the JumpCloud portal,” he says. “For admins, it’s quite easy to navigate. If I get an urgent request from my boss, I can learn to try to execute something. The tool is quite easy to understand and navigate, and I think everything is organized very well.”

Device management made easy

Astra Digital Mobil’s IT environment consists of roughly 90% Windows machines and 5–8% Macs, with Linux machines making up the rest. With JumpCloud’s device management capabilities, Lirico Nurcahyadi and his team can easily manage these devices from a single interface. 

“JumpCloud’s support for each of these operating systems is an added value compared to other tools,” he continues. “Some other tools only support Windows machines, for example. Being able to use JumpCloud to manage all three is great.” 

Additionally, Lirico Nurcahyadi and his team use JumpCloud for mobile device management

“When we started, we didn’t have any workers in the field,” he says. “Now we do, and they use their smartphones as their main productivity tool. We implemented JumpCloud’s MDM solution for each of these devices.” 

Improved security

Lirico and his team are taking advantage of several features in JumpCloud to shore up security and protect critical systems and data.

“We’re using JumpCloud Go for multi-factor authentication (MFA), enforcing the policy for everyone,” he continues, adding that adoption has been easy because his team has explained why MFA is important. “We’re also using it for single sign-on and password management. By having JumpCloud, we can keep our security one step ahead. With so many security threats out there these days, that’s a big deal.” 

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

Looking ahead, Lirico and his team are planning to integrate JumpCloud with Talenta by Mekari, its HR software solution, in the near future.

“That way, whenever employees onboard, resign, or change their role, that information will be automatically updated in JumpCloud as well,” he says. “That’s our goal for this year.” 

Any last words for someone considering JumpCloud?

“If you need a single solution for every IT issue you’re likely to have, I think you should look at JumpCloud,” Lirico Nurcahyadi concludes. “JumpCloud has global support, so look for the right partner to help with implementation.” 

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