Personalize your directory with Premium Features

System Insights

$3/user per month billed annually
$4/user per month billed monthly

Insight into macOS, Windows and Linux OS configurations, software asset and hardware data, and security settings. Learn More

Premium Support

$3/user per month billed annually
$4/user per month billed monthly

Priority 24x7x365 support via phone, chat, or email. Uptime SLA with monetary credits included. *Minimum of 25 users for Premium Support. Learn More

Directory Insights

Coming Soon

User access, usage, and compliance reporting for all JumpCloud features.

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$2/user per month billed annually
$2.67/user per month billed monthly

Centrally manage and secure a wide range of IT resources from G Suite to PowerSchool to Macs to faculty & student networks from one web-based console.

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$4/user per month billed annually
$5.33/user per month billed monthly

Secure user access to confidential data and PII without the cost and expense of on-prem solutions. Easy to implement and manage.

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Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common pricing questions.

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How can I buy only the features I want?

Under a Build Your Own Directory plan, you're able to choose and pay only for the features you'd like to use.

What if I want to test a feature before buying?

You can! We offer a free 30 day trial on all of our offerings except Premium Service.

Can I purchase some users on a BYOD plan and some on a Pro plan?

No. We require each account to select a plan for all of their users.

When does JumpCloud bill?

We bill accounts on the 1st of each month for the previous month. Note that you will always receive service for the number of days in your contract.

What forms of payment can JumpCloud accept?

We accepts credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) and ACH transfers. For accounts billing greater than $1,000 per month, invoicing is possible.

If a user is in a suspended state, is the user still billable?

Yes. Suspended users are retained in the system during the time they are suspended and are billed as normal users.