Chiliz Chooses JumpCloud as a Mobile Device Management Solution for a Fast-Growing Global Team

Chiliz is a blockchain platform built for the sports and entertainment industry. Founded in 2018, Chiliz aims to create Web3 infrastructure where sports teams, fans, and developers can come together to create fan engagement experiences. Chiliz launched in 2019 and it has since grown to become the biggest fan engagement and rewards platform in the world, with a network of more than 150 major sports teams. Having already enhanced fan engagement globally, the company is now providing the infrastructure for the next generation of fan engagement experiences through Chiliz Blockchain, the new sports blockchain. Chiliz has office locations around the world, more than 350 employees, and an ecosystem of 1.8 million users.

Consolidating IT and centralizing IT management

When Kurt Abela was hired as the first IT manager at Chiliz, the company lacked a mobile device management (MDM) solution. Instead, the company was taking a piecemeal approach to IT management, with different teams having different responsibilities.

When Abela came on board, the company had roughly 250 employees, and its environment consisted of 85% Macs and 15% Linux machines. To get more control over their IT resources, Abela decided to build an IT strategy from scratch with a mobile device management solution at the foundation.

Choosing JumpCloud for its familiarity and cross-compatibility 

At a previous company, Abela had used JumpCloud to manage devices and strengthen identity and access management (IAM). When he joined Chiliz, he knew he needed a tool like JumpCloud.

“I wanted something that would help my day-to-day work and improve our company’s overall security stance,” Abela says. 

Though he suspected he’d want to deploy JumpCloud again, Abela did his due diligence and evaluated other solutions on the market, including Jamf and Hexnode. Ultimately, his hunches were correct.

“We chose JumpCloud because I had experience with it, so my learning curve was smaller — and because it’s cross-compatible between Apple and Linux,” Abela explains. “Plus, if we have Windows laptops in the future, that’s handy as well.” 

Streamlining IT processes and improving security

Simply put, JumpCloud makes life easier for Abela, who’s essentially a one-person shop. Today, he uses JumpCloud to manage 330 of the company’s 350 users. In the past, new employees would receive a laptop and have to set it up themselves. Thanks to JumpCloud, that’s no longer the case; Abela can configure new devices for users around the world through a single pane of glass. 

With JumpCloud, Chiliz enjoys increased IT and employee productivity and a more robust digital security posture. 

Smoother IT processes

Prior to JumpCloud, Abela had to create separate user accounts in Google Workspace and the company’s HR platform. JumpCloud brings more efficiency to the user provisioning process.

“Whenever I create a Google user, it syncs to JumpCloud, then it syncs to the HR platform automatically,” Abela says. “It’s a much smoother process.”

Additionally, Abela has created roles to automatically add people to user groups that have their own single sign-on (SSO) applications and policies.

Simplifying password management

When Abela joined Chiliz, he noticed that many employees often forgot their passwords and frequently asked him for help to reset them. Using Password Manager, he’s been able to eliminate this recurring problem, enabling employees to access the applications and systems they need when they need them while reclaiming more of his time.

“It’s a great piece of software — I prefer it to other cloud-based password managers,” Abela continues. “The fact that passwords are stored locally on the laptop is a big plus. Just save your password in Password Manager, and you’ll have it there forever.”

Improving access management with JumpCloud SSO

A year into his role, Abela continues to deploy new JumpCloud features to improve access management. 

“We have about eight applications on single sign-on and plan to add more,” he says.

Looking ahead, Abela plans to continue exploring the JumpCloud platform. Up next, he plans to test Cloud RADIUS, a feature he used at his previous company, to further enhance Chiliz’s security position.

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