What’s It like Being a JumpCloud Customer?

Written by Nick Scheidies on November 20, 2018

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Every day at JumpCloud®, we go to work on two things:

  1. Building the world’s best cloud directory service
  2. Doing everything we can to make our customers happy

We find that the best way to achieve goal #2 is to work hard on goal #1, and that shows through the many features of Directory-as-a-Service®, which you can learn more about here.

But no matter how much we serve our customers through our product, we still must serve them through learning resources, our Knowledge Base, and a team of customer success engineers who offer 1:1 support. We also listen diligently to feedback from customers (you can submit feature requests here).

We try to make the experience of being a JumpCloud customer one of the best parts of buying our product. But you don’t have to take it from us. The rest of this post is devoted to sharing the perspective of real people explaining what it’s like to be a JumpCloud customer. You can also check out our reviews on G2 Crowd if you would like feedback from an impartial source.

What’s it like Being a JumpCloud Customer?

Watch the video above to hear Zach Boewer from The Last Mile talk about his experience as a JumpCloud customer. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with Zach:

Being a JumpCloud customer has been great. I use the support channels, so I’ve had support calls with several of the support staff, and it’s been a great experience. They’re highly available, easy to speak with. I feel like I can reach out any time and I’ll get good advice. They’ll get on the phone with me when I need to, so I can get things resolved.

For more in-depth information about how Zach Boewer rolled JumpCloud out for The Last Mile, you can read the full case study or watch our video case study.

More Customer Experience Perspectives:

As much as Zach loves being a JumpCloud customer, a sample size of one isn’t exactly definitive. Watch the video above to hear from Ali Kahn, the Director of Platform Engineering for Better Mortgage. You can find all of our case studies on our resources page or keep reading below for an assortment of JumpCloud customer quotes:

“I sleep better at night because of JumpCloud. Plain and simple. Plus, not having to worry about the need for additional hardware for AD frees me up to focus on other aspects of my business.” – Larry G, EAGray, Los Angeles CA

“Having a flexible SaaS directory in the cloud like JumpCloud is brilliant, as it allows me to manage identities on and off the network. I love the seamless handoff from AD, and how well you integrate with other identity systems!” – Dan Dorato-Hankins, CTO at Vector Media

“JumpCloud was the easiest way that I found to connect all my users and apps – and their RADIUS-as-a-Service is the way to go! Great customer support and some super support videos too.” – Mike James, Manager of Infrastructure at Clutch Holdings, LLC

We’ll let our customers speak for themselves. But if you’re still looking for more perspectives, then you can check us out on G2 Crowd for another window into the customer experience at JumpCloud. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest customer videos as they’re released.

Find Out What It’s like to Be a Customer for Yourself

Becoming a JumpCloud customer is as simple as signing up for a free account. Directory-as-a-Service is free for the first 10 users, so you can demo the complete product without even putting in your credit card information.

If you have questions about support with JumpCloud, you can visit the support section of our FAQ page. If you are a JumpCloud customer and you have questions or suggestions for us, reach out to your account manager directly or contact us here.

Nick Scheidies

Nick is a content marketing manager and multimedia specialist. He's been studying the intersection of cloud technology with identity management, LDAP, RADIUS, and directory services since 2015.

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