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Written by Ryan Squires on January 7, 2019

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As IT organizations shift to the cloud, many are wondering what the next generation incarnation of IT management solutions like Active Directory® (MAD or AD) and SCCM will end up being. Will they be on-prem solutions like we’re accustomed to with AD, or will they come from the cloud? For those who think that a cloud solution truly signifies the next generation of management tools, they wonder if they can use Azure® Active Directory® and Intune® for cloud-based, remote Windows® management.

Remote Windows Management with Microsoft

Remotely managing Windows with Azure Active Directory

The short answer to the aforementioned question is yes, you can use Azure Active Directory and Intune for remote Windows management. But, that can equate to a costly solution. And, we aren’t even talking about the money spent, which can add up quickly with all the different tools required. Rather than dwell on monetary costs, let’s discuss a different cost. When you utilize Microsoft tools, you can easily become locked into Windows products. We think a significant cost associated with this scenario is getting tied to one single platform. Innovation is exploding all over the IT sector, and not having the ability to adapt and adopt innovative technology is a cost in and of itself.

New Resources

Cloud based resources for Windows management

Solutions such as Amazon Web Services® (AWS®), G Suite™, Slack, Kubernetes, macOS, Linux. and thousands of others are changing the game for engineering and IT organizations around the globe. But, if you’re locked into the Window’s ecosystem, you may not be able to utilize these tools with any sort of efficiency.  So, while remote Windows management is possible with Microsoft-based solutions, we encourage IT organizations to think broader and put into context all of the IT resources that they need to manage.

In today’s IT landscape, IT organizations need to tightly secure and control access to systems (Windows, Mac®, Linux®), cloud and on-prem server infrastructure (Google Compute Engine™, AWS®), web and on-prem applications that authenticate via LDAP and SAML, physical and virtual file servers (Samba / NAS appliances, G Drive™, Box™), and wired and WiFi networks through RADIUS. Further, deep control over systems via GPO-like Policies is critical because systems are ultimately the conduit to many of these cloud and web-based solutions.

Cross-platform Remote System Management

Cross-platform remote system management

You may be wondering what the solution is, then. If it’s expensive, vendor-specific tools that you’re going to be stuck with, what’s the point? Well, thankfully, there are options beyond being cuffed to Active Directory, Azure AD, SCCM, and Intune. A new generation of cloud directory is emerging as a reimagination of the directory services concept. One such solution is JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. JumpCloud reimagines Active Directory for the modern world and works across platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) so that users can utilize an endpoint they’ll be most effective on. Afterall, users are more productive when they get to choose what type of system they’ll use in their day-to-day work life.

JumpCloud’s ability to remotely manage Windows systems with Commands and Policies extends to Mac and Linux as well. Now, IT admins can lock down their systems with password complexity requirements, full disk encryption (for Mac and Linux), and the ability to disable USB ports. But, that’s just the start. True Single Sign-On™ for JumpCloud enables users to log in to all the resources they use daily with a single set of credentials provisioned from G Suite, Office 365™, Workday®, or created within JumpCloud. Now, users no longer need to remember potentially hundreds of passwords or store them insecurely on sticky notes, which can easily end up in the wrong hands. True Single Sign-On empowers users to get to work without hassle or password fatigue.

Learn More About JumpCloud

Cloud-based Windows management with JumpCloud DaaS

If you’re ready to implement a true next generation solution for remote Windows management and much more, give JumpCloud a try for free today. With a free account you can manage up to 10 users for free, forever. No credit card required. Feel free to contact one of our product experts today to learn more. Or, check out our YouTube channel for helpful hints, tutorials, and informative whiteboard videos. Be sure to subscribe to stay up on all JumpCloud’s new features.

Ryan Squires

Ryan Squires is a content writer at JumpCloud, a company dedicated to connecting users to the IT resources they need securely and efficiently. He has a degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University.

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