Q2 2023 Partner Roadmap & Vision

Written by David Worthington on May 26, 2023

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JumpCloud will be introducing new multi-tenancy capabilities throughout Q2 and beyond, including better billing visibility at the aggregate level, the ability to clone organizations, and more user and device management at the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) level.

You may watch a recording of the Q2 2023 Partner roadmap webinar at your convenience. This article summarizes what’s new and coming soon for everyone who didn’t have a chance to attend live. First, let’s explore recent additions to the MTP and how Q2 will build on that momentum.

The platform will introduce federation to secure every resource, no matter where identities reside. Automations and workflows will expedite device onboarding by leveraging the convergence of identity and device management. Admins will be more productive, and accessing resources will be simpler for end users with their devices serving as secure gateways. We’re also improving the platform experience with phishing-resistant modern authentication, more passwordless workflows, and software management

Recent MTP Enhancements

Cross-tenant means cross-platform with JumpCloud. The MTP makes it possible to expand your business by being vendor agnostic to manage clients that reside outside of the Microsoft stack. JumpCloud recently rolled out Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Windows mobile device management (MDM) for tamper-proof unified device management (UEM). Management is consolidated into the MTP, allowing you to manage all client identities, access, and devices the same way, at the same time, regardless of the toolset they choose to use.

Significant enhancements were made to the MTP over the past few months that are worth recapping before we focus on what’s coming next. JumpCloud recently introduced features that make it possible for technicians to view all users through a single pane of glass in the MTP, in order to take action, quickly, across all orgs from that view. 

They focus on device management, compliance, and streamlining lifecycle management.

Cross Tenant User and Devices List with Actions


With the following capabilities, technicians no longer have to drill down into child organizations to take action:

  • The ability to launch Remote Assist to a device from the MTP
  • The ability to view Insights on user or device
  • The ability to unlock, suspend, and reset Users from the MTP level
  • Single and Bulk User actions across child organizations
  • The ability to add a user or device from the MTP
  • The ability to export user and device lists from the MTP

JumpCloud Recommended Policy Groups


Quickly set up recommended policies on any organization with a click of a button using custom policy groups templates. This makes it possible for technicians to:

  • Save policy groups as a template 
  • Create, update, and remove templates
  • Easily configure a policy group template in every tenant

JumpCloud is building on these capabilities in Q2 with even deeper granularity.

Run Ad Hoc Commands on Device


Ad hoc commands provide faster device management without the need for device group associations. The MTP provides visibility into what commands are associated with a device.

  • Currently available via API

MTP enhancements also extend upward for streamlined management and new client onboarding. MSPs can centralize their identity, access, and device management across their clients, which historically has not been the case. MSPs that use JumpCloud can streamline their business operations under the JumpCloud for MSPs platform.

Billing Visibility


The MTP offers better billing visibility with:

  • Bulk buy usage
  • License overage alerting
  • The ability to download the current contract

This information will be surfaced through upcoming account management and billing dashboards.

Clone Organizations


Clone any organization from the MTP, including:

  • Organization Settings
  • Device & User Groups
  • Feature Settings
  • Administrators

Try JumpCloud for MSPs

You can get hands-on experience with the MTP without a partnership agreement for your first child organization. Sign up for free and simply select that you’re an MSP to access the MTP.

JumpCloud’s Professional Services team can help MSPs adopt the platform to start to expand your business. Every MSP has unique business requirements, and this team will assist with the approach to and implementation of JumpCloud in the best way possible for your organization.

David Worthington

I'm the JumpCloud Champion for Product, Security. JumpCloud and Microsoft certified, security analyst, a one-time tech journalist, and former IT director.

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