Product Update: OS X Keychain Support and SAML

Written by Greg Keller on September 12, 2016

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We’ve recently launched a series of product updates that touch various aspects of the product from system management to new support for our SAML-based single sign-on support. The major updates are noted below for you to review and begin using within your own instances of JumpCloud.

Mac OS X Keychain support – JumpCloud now supports the seamless and secure updating of the Apple Mac OS X keychain password. When a user updates their JumpCloud password via their User portal, the JumpCloud system agent for Mac OS X will securely manage the synchronization of the password between the host’s core services (e.g. between user management and Keychain needs). This is now available on JumpCloud agent 0.9.502 and higher and on Mac OS X host version 10.10 and higher. Read more here.

New Multiple Connector Support for SSO Connectors – New for JumpCloud’s SAML-based SSO support is the ability to create multiple, independent, connectors for each of the services we support. This is most especially important for our customers who may have various tenants of a particular service provider and, further, must provide unique access to each connector for different members of their organization. A great example of this is Amazon’s AWS IAM connector which often requires different roles for each connector, and specific groups of admins who should be granted access to those connectors. You can read a knowledge base article here on an AWS IAM role-based example leveraging multiple connectors. In addition, administrators can apply specific display labels to each connector for differentiation purposes in your end-user’s Portals:

New Generic SAML Connector (Beta) – While JumpCloud is committed to adding SAML-based service providers to our product’s single sign-on functionality, we realize that your specific, SAML-supporting, application may not be managed in our product yet. Therefore, we have added a Generic SAML connector supporting the core components of the SAML 2.0 specification to create a custom bridge between the application and JumpCloud-managed identities. This feature is currently in beta testing and we’re soliciting beta test candidates to try various applications with the new connector.

New SAML-based SSO Connectors – We have added a number of new connectors to our list of SAML 2.0-supported service providers over the last 30 days. JumpCloud will add new connectors on a continually rolling basis and you should check your Admin Console for updates frequently. If your application is not seen found here on our knowledge base, simply request support through our Customer Success team via this link on our Support Portal.

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