Benefits of JumpCloud Password Manager for MSPs 

Written by Rob McGrath on January 17, 2023

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JumpCloud Password Manager has officially been released to our customers and MSP partners! MSPs have long requested a tool that allows their users to share passwords and MFA tokens, and now, we have a solution of our own built right into the core of our platform. 

Say goodbye to the days of juggling 14-day trials and countless promotional emails just to get a few days of password management. As a JumpCloud MSP partner, your account executives can have you up and running with Password Manager before your next password reset ticket.

If you’re not a current JumpCloud MSP partner and you’re still weighing your various password management options, it can be difficult to determine which solution is best. Here, I would like to discuss some of the benefits of implementing JumpCloud Password Manager for your clients.

Simplify the Vendor Management Process 

An MSP’s vendor management responsibilities can be as complex as another full-time client. And the more vendors you have to rely on to provide a comprehensive tech stack, the less time you have to win that new account. That’s why we built our Password Manager directly into the JumpCloud platform. 

Whether you’re a new partner or JumpCloud’s already part of your tech stack, you’ll enjoy both SSO and password management directly within one portal – without increasing your stack’s complexity. 

Meet a Popular Client Request on Your Terms 

Password management can be a bit of a touchy subject for MSPs. Since it’s often an a la carte or add-on feature, many clients try to do their own research on the cheapest solution, and bring it to their MSP to implement. 

Unfortunately, this scenario rarely works out for either party. MSPs are forced to complicate their tech stack, often with a product they don’t trust or recommend. And the cheapest-possible solutions rarely prioritize intuitive user experiences, leading to frustrations for the technicians and admins that must manage the product. 

With JumpCloud Password Manager, MSPs have a tool they can readily recommend to any of their clients currently using JumpCloud, with assignment and deployment being only a few clicks away. In addition to a seamless roll out experience, you can avoid the long process of convincing your client that they can trust this new vendor you are introducing into their environments.

Grow Your Revenue Without Increasing Costs

With JumpCloud Password Manager, you are no longer forced to choose between affordability and security. If you’re enrolled in JumpCloud for MSPs, Password Manager is included in your plan, making implementing it for your clients a no-brainer. If you’re considering switching to JumpCloud, combining SSO and password manager into one platform may save you money.

Adding Password Management to your tech stack can also increase your team’s efficiency, decreasing your need for additional staff. Password resets make up anywhere from 20% to 50% of an organization’s support ticket load, meaning your technicians are wasting valuable time handling one of the most easily solved problems in the technology industry. This can translate into a situation where even offering password management as service to your clients for free can have a real impact on your bottom line.

Choose JumpCloud for Password Management

Here at JumpCloud, we are working hard to meet the needs of our MSP Partners, their clients, and the users that rely upon our platform everyday. With the arrival of JumpCloud Password Manager, we have taken yet another step in the direction of making the open directory platform more powerful than ever. 

If you have any questions about Password Manager, reach out to your account executive today. If you’re new here, visit our JumpCloud for MSPs page to try our platform for free.

Rob McGrath

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