Password Complexity

Written by Greg Keller on May 28, 2015

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When we first created passwords for computers, there were very few requirements. Those were simpler times. We didn’t give passwords a second thought. Often people used common words and names in their passwords. We kept them easy to type, easy to remember. Few machines were on the Internet at that point in time, so there was some security built in through lack of connectivity.

The Omnipresent Password

Fast forward to today and every IT admin knows that password security is incredibly critical to organizational security.

Virtually everything today is connected. Even your our refrigerators, cars, and watches are becoming connected to the Internet. Each of us keeps track of login info for about 100 different devices, apps, and websites. We access all of these services via our username and password.

Password Complexity is Key

Smart services know that the security of the password is only as good as its complexity.

So today many services require more complex passwords.

password complexity

Set Custom Password Requirements with a Directory-as-a-Service®

Passwords are so important, it’s only natural for IT admins to want control over the requirements for passwords within their organization.

At JumpCloud, we recently added the capability for our customers to create whatever complexity requirements they want for their end users.

Control Over Password Settings

password management

JumpCloud offers a Directory-as-a-Service that controls and manages logins to devices, applications, and networks.

JumpCloud’s password builder, as we like to call it, has the following capabilities:

  • Set length of password
  • Uppercase and lowercase requirements
  • Number requirements
  • Special characters
  • Password reuse
  • Password attempt lockout settings

IT admins can build the requirements for their passwords based on these settings. The beauty of this feature is that many compliance regulations require different settings, so organizations can match their requirements to what their compliance regulations require.

If you would like to level up your security or easily meet compliance requirements for password complexity, take a look at JumpCloud’s Password Complexity Builder. We can help enforce your password settings on a wide variety of devices, applications, and networks.

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