Pain-Free Mac Management

Written by Jon Griffin on March 16, 2018

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Mac® management has been a difficult topic for IT admins for many years now. It’s not for a lack of trying, though. With 3 in 4 employees choosing Macs over Windows machines, the growing need for a pain-free Mac management solution is clear.

Regardless, for years now admins have been stuck with IT management tools that have been largely slanted towards Microsoft® Windows®. Because of the necessity of Active Directory® (AD), the only previous solutions had to be tacked on to AD and added complexity and cost. But, now a pain-free Mac management solution called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is emerging, and it’s solving all of these issues for admins. Before we look at the future of pain-free Mac management though, we should look at how it got to this point.

The Challenge With Mac Management

It’s easy to understand why Macs have gone without proper management support for so long. There just haven’t been many solutions dedicated to Mac management, and those that are out there are aimed exclusively at Macs rather than being cross-platform. IT admins are loathe to implement a solution that only solves a portion of their problem. That just continues to add to the complexity of their infrastructure by having multiple solutions for multiple problems. Instead, they would rather implement a comprehensive solution that satisfies their entire network of platforms.

The other problem with Mac management is that there isn’t an approach that covers both user management and system management together. The analog to this approach is Microsoft Active Directory, which has done a fantastic job of cornering the market on Windows user and system management, but it has done little to nothing for the competing platforms. And, because they would prefer to lock-in organizations to Microsoft products, they have little desire to support Mac systems going forward either.

AD provided tremendous tools for admins in the past, assuming that your entire environment was Windows-based. It’s for that reason many IT admins are looking for a next-generation IT management tool that provides a lot of counterparts to Microsoft’s directory. Ideally, it would be provided from the cloud and would support not only Macs, but the rest of the modern cross-platform environment as well.

The Pain-Free Mac Management Admins Deserve

complete mac user management

The good news is that a next generation pain-free Mac management platform does exist. JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service helps solve the problems of AD by covering Mac user and system management, and covering Windows and Linux machines on top of that. If that wasn’t enough, the platform goes beyond user and system management as well. This modern cloud identity provider connects users to their web and on-prem applications, cloud and on-prem servers, virtual and physical file storage, and wired and WiFi networks.

This extensive list of features results in IT admins gaining deep control and security over their Mac fleet, without the pain of implementing multiple solutions and having more on-prem servers and infrastructure. It’s truly a cloud-based directory that was built for the modern IT environment, and it is replacing Active Directory all over.

Interested in implementing pain-free Mac management in your organization? Or even better, a pain-free directory? Then you should take a look at JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service. With a 10 user free forever offering, all who sign up are free to take a long look at all of the features. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up.

Rather see a demo instead? That’s an option too! We offer live weekly demos of the product where you can ask questions throughout, so they are a great opportunity to learn more about the platform.

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