OK, it just got <more> real: introducing DevOps.com!

Written by Rajat Bhargava on March 11, 2014

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How do you know that DevOps has reached a critical mass? When it has its own dedicated news site and community gathering place. Well, we are happy to report that DevOps now has just that in DevOps.com. The site features content from some of the leading voices in the DevOps movement, leading tech journalists, and plenty of people who are living the DevOps life day in and day out. Additionally, it is backed by a DevOps dream team board of advisors.

What’s more, we are very proud to say that we here at JumpCloud® were key catalysts in helping with the formation of DevOps.com as well as being one of the two founding sponsors. You can read more about that in the Q&A on DevOps and SaaS with Brad Feld. SoftLayer, who we partnered with to hold our DevOps Conference in Boulder last fall, is joining us as a founding sponsor, too.

DevOps.com: Vendor Neutral With Many Sponsors

Don’t think that DevOps.com is just a JumpCloud/SoftLayer creation, though. It is actually vendor neutral with several other sponsors already on board and many more expected to join.

DevOps.com was founded by Alan Shimel and Martin Logan, both of whom we know very well and feel there aren’t two better people in the world to launch this important venture.

Alan is a well-known blogger, writer, analyst, and entrepreneur. Martin is a seasoned DevOps professional who has been practicing DevOps for years while also holding workshops, Camp DevOps conferences, and other community-building activities. Together, along with the rest of their team, they bring a great mix of talent, skills, and experience to this venture.

In addition to great content, DevOps.com will also offer lots of great features to help foster the DevOps community. That will be accomplished by facilitating local user and meetup groups with speakers, sponsors and logistics, holding regional and national conferences, and sponsoring other conferences as a media sponsor. Alan and Martin have a long list of activities they plan to be part of in the coming months.

We think DevOps.com is going to become a linchpin of the DevOps community and just what the script (pun intended) calls for. We ask you to join us in supporting the site, getting involved in the community, and spreading the word about DevOps.com specifically and DevOps in general.

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