Miradore vs. Jamf: Which Is the Better Solution for IT Professionals?

Written by Kelsey Kinzer on February 12, 2024

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IT teams and MSPs often must choose their device management vendors in response to the types of devices they have in their fleet. Unsurprisingly, many vendors offer solutions specifically designed for devices from certain manufacturers.

Jamf is well-known for helping organizations manage Apple device fleets. It provides a deep set of iOS and macOS-specific features to IT leaders and managed service providers, but it doesn’t support Windows or Android devices.

Miradore is a more versatile platform that secures Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices through a centralized system. Each vendor comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and this article will help you find the perfect solution for your unique use case. Read on to discover which mobile device management solution is the right fit for your organization.

Overview of Miradore

Miradore provides cloud-native mobile device management to organizations and MSPs running complex fleets of endpoint devices. It supports more platforms and operating systems than Jamf does, allowing IT professionals to manage the entire fleet through a single application.

Miradore has a few key features that help it stand out from the crowd:

  • Profile-based configurations. Miradore Premium works by grouping devices into configuration profiles. Systems administrators can apply policies to all devices in a group, and share policies between groups depending on business and security needs.
  • Mobile device tracking. Android and iOS devices can report their real-time location to administrators through Miradore Premium. This makes it much harder for employees to lose their devices, and allows organizations to potentially recuperate lost and stolen devices.
  • Selective content policies. Systems administrators can configure Miradore to differentiate between personal and business data. That means the platform can enforce BYOD policies that apply to sensitive business data without impacting unrelated personal data on the device.

Overview of Jamf

Jamf is a device management and security platform specifically designed to make Apple devices enterprise-ready. It is an industry leader in its niche, with a significant number of large enterprise clients in its roster.

Jamf has earned its reputation as a best-in-class MDM solution for several reasons:

  • Deep experience with enterprise implementations. Jamf offers deep compliance use cases that map to industry frameworks like NIST, FedRAMP, and others.
  • Strong security and compliance capabilities with Apple. As an Apple-exclusive vendor, Jamf provides deeper features and functionalities for Apple devices than many other vendors.
  • Endpoint detection and response capabilities. Jamf’s Business and Enterprise subscriptions include security capabilities typically only offered by dedicated EDR vendors.

Comparison of Miradore vs. Jamf

The main difference between Miradore and Jamf is the ability to grant enterprise-ready features to Apple iOS and macOS devices. Both solutions support Apple devices, but Jamf is the clear leader when it comes to advanced features and capabilities. However, Jamf offers no support for non-Apple devices and is priced at a significant premium compared to Miradore.

Pricing Comparison

Jamf is clearly more expensive than Miradore, but it offers a number of best-in-class solutions for managing and securing Apple products. This makes it a viable solution for organizations that either use Apple technology exclusively or need a point solution for Mac management, but at a significantly higher cost.

Tiered plansFree plan offers limited functionality for an indefinite period. Premium plan costs $3.30 per device per month or may be paid annually. The free version has limited support options.Jamf Pro costs $4 per device per month paid annually for iOS devices only.

Adding macOS coverage to your Jamf Pro plan increases the price to $8 per device per month.

Jamf also includes higher-priced tiers for educational customers: $9 per device per year for iOS and $18 per device per year for macOS.
Free trialFree 14-day Premium trial — no credit card required.100% free trial with no credit card information required — but only available upon request.
Supported platforms and operating systemsWindows, Android, iOS, and macOS.iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS.

Ease of Use and Setup

Jamf is easy to use and set up. Managing and deploying Apple devices is simple, and the platform supports advanced scripting for specialized use cases. Miradore offers a similarly smooth user experience, but with licensing support for a larger number of devices. Both solutions use a cloud-based management console with a modern, intuitive user interface.

Notably, Jamf allows systems administrators to customize Apple enrollment settings in ways that Miradore does not. This is one example of the device-specific advantages Jamf can offer because of its exclusive focus on Apple technology.

Supports personal device use and dataYes, personal data is not affected by workplace policies.No, Jamf requires Apple devices be wiped entirely and prepared for business-only use.
Supports all device manufacturersYes, with manufacturer licensing.No, only supports Apple devices.
Supports customized deploymentsNoYes, within limitations set by Apple hardware. 

Device Management Capabilities

Both Miradore and Jamf offer valuable device management features to organizations and MSPs. Miradore has a slight lead on Jamf due to its update and patch management capabilities. Jamf does not offer the same degree of automation support, but it does receive priority support from Apple when new updates are released.

Updates and patch managementSupports automation and scheduling through customized Business Policies. It also has detection and reporting.Does not support automation and scheduling, but receives priority updates from Apple.
Device deployment and enrollment processEnroll devices through the web console or the mobile client.Streamlined enrollment through Jamf console, supports automation.
Cloud capabilitiesFully cloud-enabled. Manage devices and configure policies remotely through the cloud.Fully cloud-enabled through Jamf Cloud.

Security Features 

Jamf Pro does not include a wide range of advanced security features on its own, but the vendor does provide enhanced protection through Jamf Protect. This is a supplementary add-on that provides comprehensive endpoint security to Apple products directly through the Jamf console. Jamf Protect costs an additional $6 per device per month, or $12 per device per month for educational institutions.

Miradore offers a more balanced set of features for its value, allowing administrators to set and enforce device policies that include security restrictions. However, it does not include proactive detection or sophisticated incident response capabilities.

Visibility and policy managementAdministrators can view comprehensive device analytics, set usage policies, and deploy applications remotely.Comprehensive visibility and policy management is available through Jamf Pro.
Malware detection and remediationNo proactive detection, but administrators can set security restrictions and integrate with identity providers (IdPs) that have that capability as an MDM provider. Blocks known malware and monitors devices for new threats.
Endpoint detection and response capabilitiesNot included.Only with Jamf Protect add-on.

Integration Options

Miradore integrates with a wide range of platforms and third-party service vendors through its RESTful API. It also includes a set of native integrations for common tools like Microsoft Active Directory, Entra ID, and Google Zero Touch enrollment.

Jamf offers a selection of integrations with well-known technology vendors like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. It also supports identity management with Okta, as well as integrations with a variety of other third-party vendors. Developers can use the Jamf Pro API to connect additional services to the platform, as well.

Support and Customer Service

Miradore’s support can be inconsistent. Some customers report positive experiences while others complain about the quality and courtesy of Miradore’s support staff. Some support tickets are resolved quickly and professionally while others take a very long time to resolve.

Jamf has similar problems when it comes to customer support. Some customers have complained about not reaching the appropriate support tier quickly enough for their needs, while others report having a great experience with Jamf’s support team. Additionally, many administrators will need to access additional Jamf training materials, which can add to the total cost of ownership.

JumpCloud as an Alternative Solution

Miradore and Jamf aren’t the only two options IT professionals have for securing Apple products in a complex environment. JumpCloud offers industry-leading mobile device management to a wider selection of devices alongside advanced security features, integrations, and comprehensive identity and access management. As an all-in-one cloud directory platform, JumpCloud can optimize device management and security without demanding compromises from IT professionals and end users.

Crucially, JumpCloud provides a broad range of advanced management and security features to every device in the network. It provides full support for Apple devices, but also supports Windows, Android, and even Linux devices. This is a wider selection of compatible devices than Miradore offers, as well. Growing organizations that believe in the power of leveraging best-of-breed cloud solutions are unlikely to buy Miradore’s siloed product offerings.

Comparison: JumpCloud vs. Miradore vs. Jamf

Here’s how all three mobile device management providers stack up:

PricingLimited-feature free plan for as long as you want.
Annual premium plan costs $3.30 per device per month.
$4 per device per month. $8 per device per month for macOS support.
Higher priced tiers for education customers. 
Device management only for $9/user per month.

Platform: $19/user per month.

MSP-specific pricing via partner program.
Ease of useGreat user interface, limited enrollment compatibility. Supports personal device use.Requires wiping iOS devices and enforces policies for the entire device — no personal use policies.Easy onboarding for all devices and operating systems. Identity and device management are handled through a unified console. 

Zero-touch support for macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
Security features and integrationsBasic security policy enforcement and restrictions.Advanced EDR capabilities only available with Jamf Protect add-on.Identity provisioning and policy enforcement to support a Zero Trust security strategy.
Customer supportInconsistent quality. Some tickets go unresolved.Difficult to connect to the appropriate support channel.Extensive documentation, with a helpful and responsive customer support team.

Addressing Common Concerns and Issues

Organizations who rely on Apple entirely for their hardware technology needs, or enterprises who are locked into the legacy layering technique of Active Directory + Okta + Jamf may be tempted to choose Jamf as their mobile device management provider. However, Jamf is ultimately an Apple-focused point solution that layers on cost and complexity to an IT stack, and may not be the best option for small to mid-size enterprises. 

While Miradore offers basic functionality and useful features at a significantly lower price than Jamf, IT leaders and MSPs do not need to compromise on affordable mobile device management. JumpCloud offers the ideal combination of flexible, high-quality features and accessible, a la carte pricing to make it an ideal solution for centralized, efficient IT management. JumpCloud also offers pricing specifically tailored to help MSPs secure clients and improve operational efficiency.


Pricing Options for Every Organization

Packages and A La Carte Pricing


IT professionals should carefully choose their mobile device management partner to provide the right combination of cost-effective security and management features for their unique use case scenario. If you’re an IT admin or MSP looking to unify your stack, cut costs, and future-proof your cloud environment, consider choosing JumpCloud. 

Try our platform for free and find out if JumpCloud is right for you.

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