Product Update: Introducing MFA for macOS

Written by Greg Keller on June 16, 2016

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Identity theft is everybody’s problem. It is the #1 conduit to your network being compromised. Whether it is brute force login attacks or your user’s identity being compromised elsewhere on the Internet, your network is constantly at risk of a breach. The best way to solve for that is by adding a second factor for authentication. Along with something that the user knows (their password), ask for something that they have – a multi-factor authentication (MFA) token. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® tightly integrates MFA into the platform and at the workstation, laptop and server level, providing additional protection at one of the most vulnerable parts of your network; the device itself.

Following on the heels of our MFA for Linux implementation, JumpCloud now offers MFA for macOS! JumpCloud now offers this important level of protection for your macOS systems (formerly known as Mac OS X), especially those that travel and contain sensitive and privileged data. You can read the step by step instructions on setting up MFA for the Mac endpoints you want covered with this additional security, yet set up and the end-user’s experience is extremely simple. Administrators will simply select the systems requiring MFA during authentication and enabling the Multi-factor Authentication setting in the JC Admin console:

MFA Enabled

With MFA set on the systems, end users will be invited to appropriately install and configure and validate their Google Authenticator app on their mobile devices. Moving forward, this second factor of authentication (the phone and Google Authenticator installed) will generate the required one time passkey which they will insert along with their JumpCloud password on the macOS login screen:

Mac MFA 1

We’re extremely excited to offer this incredibly powerful, yet simple to implement and use layer of security for your macOS fleet! As always, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a note on our support forum to ensure we’re hearing your wants and needs for your Directory-as-a-Service!

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