Mac Management Replacement

Written by Zach DeMeyer on July 25, 2018

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The traditional methods of managing Mac® systems and users aren’t working. Some options require a handful of add-ons to function properly; others can’t leverage the necessary resources for end users. IT admins have been struggling with these problems for a number of years. Because of this, many are asking: is there a Mac management replacement that can finally fix the issue?

The short answer is yes. There is a cloud-based Mac management replacement that will help IT admins control macOS® user access and the systems themselves. Traditionally, IT organizations have been forced to either use multiple solutions or compromise on Mac specific features. There are on-prem Mac specific management tools, but then what do IT admins do about their Windows® and Linux systems?

Mac Management as It Was

mac management with active directory

On the Mac user management side, historically, IT organizations have leveraged Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD) or Apple® Open Directory (OD) as their identity management platform. Unfortunately, MAD struggles with controlling and managing Mac users. Open Directory, on the other hand, struggled with other platforms and IT resources including Windows, which was the platform for the majority of IT resources. The result of both of these situations is suboptimal for managing a fleet of systems.

Further, as IT management tools shift to the cloud, IT organizations are looking for new tools that can help eliminate the management and maintenance of on-prem solutions. As organizations start to leverage the cloud, that means new platforms and providers. While some solutions continue to be mainstays (Office 365™, G Suite™, AWS®), there are many new, emerging solutions from Slack to GitHub to Kubernetes that need to be integrated into the IT environment. The challenge for IT is how to integrate access to all of these cloud solutions as well as on-prem Macs.

Cloud-based Mac Management Replacement

complete mac user management

The good news is that there is a modern, cloud hosted approach to Mac management. It’s called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, and it combines macOS user and system management into one platform. Think of the platform as a reimagination of what Active Directory® could provide for Windows systems, except that this cloud directory service does it for all three major platforms – Mac, Windows, and Linux®. This even includes cross-platform group policy object (GPO) like capabilities, which many believed to be the bread and butter of MAD functionality.

The result is that IT admins don’t have to get solutions per platform, or deal with a watered down cross-platform solution. Rather, IT admins get a cloud identity management platform that treats macOS users and systems as first class citizens, just as it does with Windows and Linux systems and users. Not only that, JumpCloud offers features such as multi-factor authentication, True Single Sign-On™ and cloud RADIUS to flesh out any IT organization’s security infrastructure.

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See the features of this Mac management replacement firsthand by scheduling a demo of JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service. If you feel like JumpCloud is the solution for your enterprise, sign up for our web-based service. Your first ten users are on us. Questions or comments? Contact our expert support team or check out our knowledge base.

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