Introducing the JumpCloud Windows App for Workflow Simplicity and Security

Written by Leia Schultz on August 7, 2020

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Organizations that want to get off Active Directory® (AD) look to JumpCloud as an alternative cloud-based, OS-agnostic directory that provides powerful system management for Windows®, like AD. What makes JumpCloud a more compelling option than AD for IT administrators at these businesses is how Directory-as-a-Service® removes AD frictions and replaces them with a simpler system management platform for Windows (and a heterogeneous OS environment, too).

The JumpCloud Windows App is the latest release in support of this vision that makes password management and resource access easier and safer for employees on JumpCloud-managed Windows devices.

Native Ease & Protection for Employees 

JumpCloud’s Windows App improves end user efficiency so employees can be as productive as possible, offering fewer interruptions to their daily workflows. 

Password changes through the app require employees to enter in their old password, followed by their new password twice for confirmation. If the employee is currently MFA-enabled, they’ll also be asked to present a TOTP token when submitting the password change.

JumpCloud Administrators can choose to use the JumpCloud Windows App so employees on Windows can:

  • Use the native tray app to change their JumpCloud password right from their device’s home screen (it’s not “just another password tool” they have to think to use). Employees don’t have another browser to launch, portal to open, or email from their IT administrator to find — the JumpCloud Windows App lives in the easiest possible place to be used anytime.
  • Update their password once and have access to everything they need. Password changes made with the JumpCloud Windows App propagate across all JumpCloud-managed applications, networks, and resources they have access to, making it easy to update their password in one place and ensure they retain access to the things they need at work, from G Suite™ or Microsoft 365™ passwords, their network/RADIUS password, their on-premises or cloud-based application passwords, and beyond.
  • Quickly navigate to and access their resources in the JumpCloud User Portal by clicking the app, so they don’t need to bookmark or remember the User Portal URL. 
  • Customize the app in light or dark mode, depending on their UI preference.

Because employees can manage their credentials with the Windows App, they can avoid email- and web-based phishing attempts by bad actors thanks to the app’s native system-level password update capabilities. Use this communication toolkit to enable end users on how to use the app, and help them make smart security decisions at work.

(Alternately, end users on Windows OS can use Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Change Password ​to securely and natively update their password. This method and the Windows App are equally safe and efficient.)

No administrator action is needed to set up the JumpCloud Windows App so your employees can operate efficiently and securely: it’s on by default for JumpCloud-managed Windows devices with the JumpCloud Agent installed. For any admins that prefer their organization not use the app, it’s possible to hide the app with the Windows JumpCloud App Controls Policy.

Try Windows (Mac & Linux) Management with JumpCloud Free

The JumpCloud Windows App is just one feature that offers best-in-class endpoint security and an optimal end user experience. Try it and every JumpCloud feature for Windows, Mac®, and Linux® system management at home or in production, by yourself or with a group.

Get started with JumpCloud Free with up to 10 users, 10 systems, and 10 days of Premium in-app chat support. 

Leia Schultz

Leia is a product marketing manager at JumpCloud who focuses on the insights and device management products in the Directory Platform. A native Boulderite, she can be found frequenting local breweries, OZO coffee shops, and hot sauce suppliers, and enjoys seasonal outdoor activities like camping, biking, and skiing (which are all better when partnered with beer, coffee, and hot sauce).

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