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On Tuesday, September 20th, Apple will release its generally available version of the latest version of the Mac operating system, macOS (“Sierra”). JumpCloud will be offering same-day support for the 10.11.x (OS X) to 10.12 (macOS) upgrade. Due to changes between OS X and macOS in critical areas JumpCloud relies upon for integration purposes, certain functions will not be available on the 20th, yet will be enabled in follow-up releases.

  • Keychain support – While available for OS X (supported version 10.11.x and earlier), macOS Keychain password synchronization requires further testing against the officially-released version of macOS. UPDATE: This is now live as of agent 0.9.575
  • Login Events – Due to changes made between late beta versions of macOS, we are delaying macOS system login events until testing can be finalized with Apple’s officially-released version of macOS. UPDATE: This is now live as of agent 0.9.540

JumpCloud Agent Release – JumpCloud’s agent supporting macOS will release is available for download via the Admin Console now. Active installed agents will automatically upgrade in a rolling wave as normal. Before you begin an OS X to macOS upgrade, you should ensure your agent is the ‘Sierra compliant’ version as seen here:


You can find your agent version number on your Mac host in the /opt/jc/version.txt folder or by this command in terminal:

#sudo cat /opt/jc/version.txt

Host Upgrading – Upgrading the operating system (e.g. Mac OS X to macOS) after the JumpCloud agent has been upgraded to agent version 0.9.516 will be seamless, with the exception of the temporary feature loss mentioned above.


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