JumpCloud macOS (Sierra) Agent Support Release Notes

By Greg Keller Posted September 19, 2016

On Tuesday, September 20th, Apple will release its generally available version of the latest version of the Mac operating system, macOS (“Sierra”). JumpCloud will be offering same-day support for the 10.11.x (OS X) to 10.12 (macOS) upgrade. Due to changes between OS X and macOS in critical areas JumpCloud relies upon for integration purposes, certain functions will not be available on the 20th, yet will be enabled in follow-up releases.

  • Keychain support – While available for OS X (supported version 10.11.x and earlier), macOS Keychain password synchronization requires further testing against the officially-released version of macOS. UPDATE: This is now live as of agent 0.9.575
  • Login Events – Due to changes made between late beta versions of macOS, we are delaying macOS system login events until testing can be finalized with Apple’s officially-released version of macOS. UPDATE: This is now live as of agent 0.9.540

JumpCloud Agent Release – JumpCloud’s agent supporting macOS will release is available for download via the Admin Console now. Active installed agents will automatically upgrade in a rolling wave as normal. Before you begin an OS X to macOS upgrade, you should ensure your agent is the ‘Sierra compliant’ version as seen here:


You can find your agent version number on your Mac host in the /opt/jc/version.txt folder or by this command in terminal:

#sudo cat /opt/jc/version.txt

Host Upgrading – Upgrading the operating system (e.g. Mac OS X to macOS) after the JumpCloud agent has been upgraded to agent version 0.9.516 will be seamless, with the exception of the temporary feature loss mentioned above.

Greg Keller

Greg is JumpCloud's Chief Product Officer, overseeing the product management team, product vision and go-to-market execution for the company's Directory-as-a-Service offering. The SaaS-based platform re-imagines Active Directory and LDAP for the cloud era, securely connecting and managing employees, their devices and IT applications.

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