Improve Mac Security with MFA

By Greg Keller Posted February 13, 2017

Are your Mac systems secure enough? A Mac left on a flight can be breached in minutes. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps secure machine access and prevent data from getting stolen. If you are able, setup full disk encryption as well.

But aren’t Macs Secure Already?

We’ve all heard someone boast about how their Mac is impervious to malware, hackers, breaches, or any other security threat. Unfortunately, this very attitude in Mac users precipitates bad user security practices. Add that to the heightened risk of theft that accompanies sought-after Macbooks and you’ve got a recipe for

The truth is that there are major Mac security holes that crop up and are exploited year after year. Take a look at this quick summary of a decade of Mac malware:

As you can see, Macs are anything but impervious. We recommend you enforce a strict policy with Mac users of having up-to-date antivirus on each machine, such as Panda.

I also recommend you take a look at our more detailed macOS security overview, which covers antivirus, password policy, full disk encryption, updates, and MFA.

Let’s get a bit further into why MFA is so important and how you can implement it for your fleet of Mac devices.

The Best Way to Secure Macs:  MFA

Sometimes called 2FA, the process of adding a second factor for authentication is critical. With more identities being breached than ever, adding a second factor – a pin code generated from a smartphone – is a significant step-up in security.

In fact, some experts think that an account with MFA attached to it is close to unhackable. Whether it is or isn’t, there is no argument that adding MFA to your accounts is one of the most important things that you can do. Adding MFA to your Mac is critical to securing your systems as well.

Video Tutorial: Setting up MFA for Mac Devices

This video shows you how to set up MFA for Macs using JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®. JumpCloud is a free cloud directory for your first ten users.

Using JumpCloud, MFA for Mac can be set up in minutes. One advantage with JumpCloud is that this can be achieved remotely, so it doesn’t matter where your employees and their devices are.

Resources for Mac Security

Here are some resources to help with your use of our cloud identity management platform. Learn how to:

Visit ourKnowledgeBase to get detailed information about how to configure Mac MFA today.

Central Mac Management is Possible with JumpCloud

MFA for Mac

With JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service, Mac MFA is just the beginning. Our cloud directory is platform agnostic, so it treats Macs like “first class citizens” within your organization. This makes JumpCloud a great Active Directory® alternative for organizations that include Macs in their infrastructure.

Protect your Mac systems by significantly stepping up security with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service. Sign-up for a free account and give our IDaaS platform a try for yourself. Your first 10 users are free forever.

Greg Keller

Greg is JumpCloud's Chief Product Officer, overseeing the product management team, product vision and go-to-market execution for the company's Directory-as-a-Service offering. The SaaS-based platform re-imagines Active Directory and LDAP for the cloud era, securely connecting and managing employees, their devices and IT applications.

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