Ebook: Security for Startups in a DevOps World

By Jon Griffin Posted July 11, 2017

Security for Startups DevOps

The Importance of Security for Startups

As we all know, security in any organization is critical to ensuring that your company’s sensitive information remains safe. However, security is something that is often overlooked in startups. Whether it’s because a startup doesn’t think they need the security protocols due to their size, or because they think that it’s not in their budget, security can be left on the backburner. The truth of the matter though is that if you are doing anything with technology, you need to consider what the security concerns are for you.

Security Isn’t All on You

Managing Users

One common thought process is that as a startup, you need to take care of everything, including security, on your own. But this is not the case. There are many services that are aimed at helping smaller businesses get going, including HR, CRM, and ERP systems. These SaaS based systems are easy to use, accessible, and priced in a manner that startups can afford.

The same can be true for security. There are SaaS services that help with backing up and encrypting data, protecting your networks, and securing user identities. By outsourcing these needs, startups no longer need to worry about being security experts on their own, allowing them to focus on their own product or service.

Don’t Focus on Trendy Products

data security breach

There’s a temptation for startups to always focus on having the “next best” tool. This can be especially true in  the security realm. But it’s more important to have good security fundamentals than to chase after shiny security apps or gadgets.

That said, there are plenty of opportunities out there to get extra value out of your security investments. One example is that cloud infrastructure investments and DevOps CI/CD builds can provide optimized frameworks into which security tools and practices are readily integrated. Through methods like this, you can find smart ways to leverage your security and get wins in multiple categories. Don’t view security as a cost center, look for ways that you can get the most out of what you have.

Lean Startups

training security

Another common practice that can help you with security is creating an environment that is cooperative. By instilling value with the respectfulness, mindfulness, and cooperation of your team, it creates a shared responsibility for the success of your startup. This includes ensuring the security of your systems, networks, applications, data, and people. Having a lean business today means that you will have a solid foundation that your organization can grow, thrive and survive on in the future.

Learn More on Security for Startups in a DevOps World

There are a lot of factors that go into security for startups, and we’ve just illustrated a few of the main problems. The depth of this topic is why our CEO, Rajat Bhargava, and some of his colleagues wrote an ebook on the topic. You can find continued information within the ebook, which is completely free for all to get access too. Within the book, they discuss:

  • Base Infrastructure Decisions
  • Key Security Considerations (including IAM, Security Architecture, Patch Management, and more)
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Training
  • And much more

Check it out by clicking here or on the image below!

eBook Security DevOps
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