Ebook: Integrate Macs into Your IT Infrastructure

Written by Jon Griffin on November 1, 2017

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Ebook Integrate Mac Users and Devices into Your IT Infrastructure

IT admins have been given a Sisyphean task when it comes to managing their entire infrastructure: every time they have integrated all of the IT resources in use at their organization, a new set of resources crops up to be managed.

When it comes to fundamental shifts that IT infrastructure has gone through, the advent of Macs in the enterprise is pretty near the top.

Challenges with Integrating Mac Devices

Challenges with Integrating Mac

Simply managing Mac users and devices has proven difficult. Before the massive adoption of Mac machines into the enterprise, almost all user devices ran on Windows.

The huge increase in macOS popularity began with widespread use of Apple machines at home. Of course, the more people used Macs at home, the more they wanted to use a device they were familiar with in the office.

In the past, the common solution for infrastructure management was the on-prem Active Directory® (AD). But AD is a Microsoft product – and Microsoft didn’t want organizations allowing Macs to invade the enterprise. The result is that Active Directory falls short in managing Macs and many organizations have been forced to use third-party Mac management solutions with mixed results.

Integrating Mac Users and Devices into Your IT Infrastructure

Integrating Mac Users and Devices

With gaps in their infrastructure, IT admins have been forced to take a look at their internal IT infrastructure, and re-evaluate what the best solutions are. For this reason, we decided to write an ebook to help out, titled Integrate Mac Users and Devices into Your IT Infrastructure. This ebook acts as a guide that can help demonstrate how modern IT teams manage Mac users and Systems with ease. If you would like to check it out, click on the image above!

Learn More About JumpCloud

Integrating Mac

If you would like to learn more about how JumpCloud can help you integrate your Mac users and systems, drop us a note. We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, if you would like to see for yourself how easy it is, give our Directory-as-a-Service product a chance and sign up for a free account. The cloud-based directory can manage users, systems, networks, and more in one centralized location. Plus, your first 10 users are free forever, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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