Customize JumpCloud System-Generated Emails With Your Company’s Brand Identity

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on January 25, 2021

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Your users are likely inundated with emails every day, which is a problem if they miss critical IT communications within their noisy inbox. You need ways to brand your emails and make sure they’re recognizable — particularly when users could lose resource access if they don’t take prompt action. In addition, users might look more critically at emails pertaining to password changes (we hope!), so you need to deliver messages they can trust. This has important implications for your organization’s security.

JumpCloud administrators can now customize select triggered emails sent to their users and further tailor the ways in which their users interact with the cloud directory platform.

This is one feature in a set of projects that enable you to customize the user experience with JumpCloud.

Customize & Brand User Emails

With this release you can now adjust the subject line and other content within the notifications sent about user passwords and important account-related information.

Help Users Recognize Emails

When you customize the emails JumpCloud sends to your users, you can match those communications with others that come from your IT team and reflect your organization’s brand. That way, you ensure consistency across your environment, no matter what tools you and your teams use, and improve security along the way by helping your users recognize legitimate communication. The JumpCloud emails you can white-label include:

  • Lockout notices
  • Password expirations
  • Password expiration warnings
  • Password reset confirmations
  • User password change notices

You can access this new functionality from the dropdown menu in your web-based Admin Portal:

Click administrators to access the templates

In an era of increasing phishing attempts, it’s important to train your users to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent emails — especially when it comes to passwords and account status. Now, you have more control over the messaging, look, and feel of some of your organization’s most vital assets.

With JumpCloud, you can train your users not only to recognize legitimate emails but also to manage their passwords directly on their laptops. With JumpCloud’s Mac and Windows apps, which live directly on the machines, users can change and manage their passwords. Those changes are automatically written back to JumpCloud and reflected in all connected resources, and users never have to open a browser window to do so.

Populate Your Logo in Emails

In addition to customizing the text in emails, upload your organization’s logo directly in your Admin Portal. That logo will display in all emails sent by JumpCloud, as well as in the User Portal, where users access SSO applications and other key resources. This is another easy step you can take to make the user experience more familiar and secure.

Here, you can compare a templated email with a customized email, which includes your own logo, text, and disclaimers and which identifies each user by name (click each image to see a larger version):

Standard TemplateNew, Customizable Template

Put these tools to use in your environment to improve the user experience and increase organizational security.

Learn More about JumpCloud

JumpCloud is a comprehensive directory platform to manage user identities, resource access, and devices — Mac, Windows, and Linux.

If you aren’t already a JumpCloud admin, get started with your first 10 users and 10 devices free today. You’ll not only have tools to customize your users’ experience — you’ll also get a clean digital workspace designed with the modern IT admin in mind.

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