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Written by Ryan Squires on December 11, 2018

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IT admins are looking for ways to save money wherever they can. Of course, sysadmins are smart enough to know that low cost doesn’t always equate to value or represent a viable solution. But, that doesn’t mean IT admins can’t look for a cost-effective Mac® management solution to meet their needs, they just maintain a healthy dose of skepticism when doing so.

A Windows® Past

Windows past

Historically, IT admins haven’t had to really worry about Macs. There simply weren’t that many to manage. The IT networks of old were largely Windows based and on-prem, so IT management tools such as Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) were the go-to tools to manage those on-prem, Windows-based resources. It made perfect sense, Windows® tools managed Windows systems and software.

The Mac Challenge

mac management jumpcloud

But, as Macs started to emerge within the enterprise, AD was challenged. Microsoft wasn’t too eager to integrate with Macs, so a new generation of solution emerged called an identity bridge or directory extension. These solutions were expensive, enterprise-class tools that still required on-prem AD. The result was that AD could be extended to Macs, but at what cost?

Fast forward to present day, and not only are Macs widely used, but other non-Windows platforms such as Linux®, AWS®, G Suite™ and more are staples within IT organizations. So, the question becomes, is there a better, more cost-effective Mac management approach that can also encompass all of these other non-Windows solutions as well? Each of these solutions has similar integration challenges that Macs do, and that is that they require expensive, add-on solutions stacked on top of Active Directory.

Cost-Effective, Full-featured Mac Management

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The good news is that a modern take on Active Directory is emerging that is delivered from the cloud and not partial to any one platform. So, this cloud system management platform doesn’t require any add-ons or extensions. The result is that IT organizations can securely manage and connect their users to virtually any of the IT resources they need. And, perhaps the best news is that the cloud directory service is far less costly than the on-prem, enterprise solutions that were previously the only viable options. The solution we’re talking about is JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®.

JumpCloud is a next generation identity and access management (IAM) solution made to work with the tools that IT organizations use everyday. That means JumpCloud is made to work within your unique IT environment. It adapts to you, not the other way around. So, when employees want to use Mac or Linux systems, G Suite and/or Office 365™, virtual file servers from Box™ or DropBox™, cloud infrastructure including AWS, DigitalOcean, or Azure®, legacy applications like Jira® and OpenVPN™, or any other seemingly difficult to administer grouping of solutions, that is no problem. Just fire up the JumpCloud Admin Console and Make Work Happen™.

Learn More About JumpCloud

Mac Management with Directory-as-a-Service

Cost-effective Mac management doesn’t have to carry the negative connotations of the cheap moniker. Sign up today for a free JumpCloud account and see how cost-effective doesn’t have to be a bad thing. JumpCloud’s free account can help you manage up to 10 users for free, forever. Additionally, check out our Knowledge Base or YouTube channel for more information.

Ryan Squires

Ryan Squires is a content writer at JumpCloud, a company dedicated to connecting users to the IT resources they need securely and efficiently. He has a degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University.

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