User management thought leader, Ash Ketchum, once said, "Gotta catch 'em all." In the spirit of this statement, this category exists to catch the blogs it needs to.


Open Source Active Directory®

With the IT environment changing, many IT admins find themselves searching for an open source Active Directory alternative.


Entra ID® Free

Entra ID Free is a gateway to use more Microsoft services. It doesn’t control devices and limits entitlement management.


Why Password Management Architecture Matters

Something needs to change to better protect passwords in the workplace, and that involves reevaluating the architecture password managers are built upon.


Active Directory Attributes

Active Directory attributes help define user objects so that each object is unique. Learn more about object attributes and how to find them.


Identity Federation and How It Works

Learn what identity federation is and how it works. Discover its benefits, implementation steps, and learn about identity federation with JumpCloud.


What Is Delegated Authentication?

In this post, we discuss what delegated authentication is, how it works, benefits, use cases, and more.