New Software Management Feature Expands JumpCloud’s Windows Device Management

Written by Leia Schultz on October 30, 2020

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JumpCloud®’s directory platform just expanded its Windows® device management capabilities to allow IT administrators and MSPs to remotely distribute and install software onto Windows devices.

The feature’s first release enables admins to install software from Chocolatey’s extensive public repository onto Windows® devices to remotely manage software on end user devices, automate processes, and streamline employee onboarding. Later increments will add more functionality to this feature, like software patching, and extend support to macOS®.

Remote IT Management: No Longer Optional

It’s becoming clear that employees will be working from home as regularly as from the office. Companies are hiring more remote-friendly roles, and it’s up to IT teams (including MSPs responsible for client environments) to manage end user devices in these work-from-anywhere models

Managing software on end user devices is a critical component in how IT supports remote workers. Their devices need to be configured to organizational specifications, and administrators must be able to maintain device security and operational standards. There are a couple of different approaches to implementing a solution for remote management: cobble together different tools for specific jobs, which can often be more costly and difficult to integrate; or, consolidate core capabilities into a single platform that offers robust device control options.

JumpCloud’s directory platform consolidates features to manage and secure Windows, Mac®, and Linux® devices. While JumpCloud already lets admins apply cross-OS Policies and commands remotely to end user devices, the Software Management feature for Windows gives admins another way to manage devices via software installation that doesn’t interfere with employees’ productivity. 

Easy Installation & Optimized Onboarding

JumpCloud’s Software Management feature’s first release centers around the many applications for Windows you can find in Chocolatey’s repository. Chocolatey provides community-managed software packages such as Adobe Reader, Chrome browser and Git LDAP authentication that can be installed on Windows devices. 

With Chocolatey’s packages paired with this feature in JumpCloud, you can:

  • Install software directly from the Admin Portal to employee Windows devices, either on one device at a time or multiple devices in a particular group, to make sure devices have consistent and up-to-date applications running on them.
  • Automate the way your organization handles installing software on managed devices to make the process more efficient and reduce the time it takes to do this manually across many devices. Software is installed silently the next time a device is online, so end users aren’t aware of the behind-the-scenes management.
  • Streamline onboarding for new employees in remote and distributed workplaces by pre-installing software they need for their job, so when they power on their device they have all the software they need.

JumpCloud’s Admin Portal will show the version and status of installed software, including a successful or failed installation.

Find more how-to feature information in this Knowledge Base article

Future releases will add to this feature’s capabilities. JumpCloud’s product team will look at feature usage data and engage in customer research to prioritize building things like software patching, uninstalling apps remotely, and providing this functionality for macOS as well as Windows. If you have specific feature requests for JumpCloud Software Management, tell us via JumpCloud Admin Portal idea submission:

Try JumpCloud Software Management

JumpCloud’s Software Management feature for Windows offers a simple way to distribute and install software securely on devices to make onboarding easier and automate processes. JumpCloud’s directory platform unlocks so many other device management options for Windows alongside Mac and Linux so IT pros and MSPs can do more in one console, from anywhere. 

Try this feature and comprehensive Windows device management by setting up a JumpCloud Free Account and evaluate with up to 10 users and 10 devices, with free premium chat support for your first 10 days.

Leia Schultz

Leia is a product marketing manager at JumpCloud who focuses on the insights and device management products in the Directory Platform. A native Boulderite, she can be found frequenting local breweries, OZO coffee shops, and hot sauce suppliers, and enjoys seasonal outdoor activities like camping, biking, and skiing (which are all better when partnered with beer, coffee, and hot sauce).

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