Windows Policy Conflicts

It is possible to create policies that conflict either with other JumpCloud policies, other custom Windows policies, or policies from third parties. In the event that conflicts arise, unexpected behavior will occur every time the policies are applied. 


This does not affect Active Directory policies.

When policies are in conflict, the policy will be marked as FAILED with an exit code of 0 in the Admin Portal, and will return the following error message in the policy result:

Thrashing detected, policy results will be throttled. Please check for policy conflicts. 

If the conflict is between two JumpCloud policies, both policies will return this error. However, if the conflict is between a JumpCloud policy and a third-party policy, it will be up to the Admin to troubleshoot.

When policies conflict, the frequency of their results will be reduced. The policy status will not be returned again unless:

  • The agent is restarted (by a device reboot or otherwise).
  • A policy is added, removed, or updated from the device.
  • Or, in the event of a third-party policy conflict, the policy stops conflicting for an hour. 

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