Sync User Attributes with Microsoft 365

After you’ve authorized sync with Microsoft 365, you can choose the attributes that you want to import or export with Microsoft. 


If you are trying to integrate with Entra ID, see Configure Real-time User Provisioning from Entra ID to JumpCloud.


Attribute Data Flow

How does attribute data flow between Microsoft 365 and JumpCloud after integration?

Data flow for synced user attributes:

  • When you import a user from Microsoft 365: If data exists for a user’s attributes in Microsoft 365, only the following data is written to the equivalent user attributes in JumpCloud:
    • Email
    • First Name 
    • Last Name
    • Username
  • When you bind that user to Microsoft 365 in JumpCloud: Attributes in Microsoft 365 are automatically overwritten with data from JumpCloud. Further, any subsequent changes made to the user’s attributes in JumpCloud are automatically pushed to the corresponding attributes in Microsoft 365.

User Attribute Export

With the exception of several attributes that are selected by default, you can choose the user attributes you would like to export to Microsoft 365. Selected attributes are automatically synced with Microsoft 365. This means that after you export an attribute to Microsoft 365, data for that attribute is sent from JumpCloud to Microsoft 365. Likewise, if you choose to stop exporting data for an attribute, it is no longer synced with Microsoft 365. Subsequent changes made to that attribute in JumpCloud are not exported to Microsoft 365.


Take caution when selecting attributes to export. After you select an attribute to export to Microsoft 365 it is immediately overwritten with data from JumpCloud, and you could potentially lose data stored for that attribute in Microsoft 365. See Attribute Data below to learn about how attribute data is exported to Microsoft 365.

Attributes that are always exported to Microsoft 365:

JumpCloud attribute M365/Entra ID attribute
firstname givenName
lastname surname
password password
Company Email userPrincipalName
firstname + lastname displayName

*​A user's first name and last name are exported together as Microsoft 365's Display name field. If a user's first or last name is changed in JumpCloud, Microsoft 365's Display name field updates with the new name value.

Attributes that can optionally be exported to Microsoft 365:

JumpCloud attribute M365/Entra ID attribute country city postalCode state streetAddress
alternateEmail otherEmails
department department
jobTitle jobTitle
location officeLocation
manager manager mobilePhone businessPhone

Attribute Data

The following table outlines how attribute data is exported from JumpCloud’s API and UI to Microsoft 365’s API and UI. The attribute listed in the JumpCloud API Attribute Name column is exported to the attribute listed in the Microsoft 365 API Attribute Name column. The attribute listed in the JumpCloud UI Attribute Name column is exported to the attribute listed in the Microsoft 365 UI Attribute Name column. Be aware that Microsoft 365 and Entra ID use multiple UI labels for the same data. The following Microsoft 365 UI Attribute names represent what is used when an administrator adds or edits details for a user in Microsoft 365.

See related API documentation: Manage the associations of an Office 365 instance.

User Attribute Syncing with M365

JumpCloud API Attribute Name

M365 API Attribute Name

JumpCloud UI Attribute Name

M365 UI Attribute Name


Calculated: First Name + Last Name displayName Calculated: First Name + Last Name Display name -
firstname givenName First Name First name -
lastname surname Last Name Last name -
password password Password Password -

email OR alternateEmail

userPrincipalName Company Email Email The userPrincipalName attribute can be used to specify an alternate email address for cross-domain application access.
jobTitle jobTitle Job Title Job title -
department department Department Department -
location officeLocation Location Office - businessPhone Work Phone Office Phone - streetAddress Work Street Address Street Address - city Work City City - state Work State State or province - postalCode Work Postal Code ZIP or postal code - country Work Country Country or region - mobilePhone - mobilePhone Personal Cell Mobile Phone -

Selecting Attributes to Export

To select attributes to export to Microsoft 365:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Directory Integrations > Cloud Directories.
  3. Select the Microsoft 365 directory you want to select user attributes for.
  4. In the User Attributes Export section, select the non-default user attributes you want to export to Microsoft 365. You can’t clear default user attributes.
  5. Click save.

After you configure user attributes to sync from JumpCloud to Microsoft, bind users to Microsoft 365. See Giving JumpCloud Users Access to M365.

Directory Insights Events

Anytime you change the direction of an attribute, a Directory Insights event is generated.

Directory Insights events generated from attribution selections are:

  • integrationattribute_exclude
    • Generated when an attribute is set to “Exclude”.
      • Ex: You change the Department attribute from “Import” to “Exclude”
  • integrationattribute_include
    • Generated when an attribute is set to “Import” or “Export”.
      • Ex: You change the Department attribute from “Exclude” to “Import”
      • Ex: You change the Department attribute from “Import” to “Export”

These events will capture attribute ownership/direction changes, including the admin that made the change, and the directory integration in which the change occurred.

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