Run the MAID Import Script

A Managed Apple ID (MAID) is required to enroll a personal iOS device in MDM. JumpCloud provides an import script that you can use to upload a large number of MAIDs into JumpCloud.


If an admin changes a user's Managed Apple ID (a possible instance of this is a name change), the user must unenroll and re-enroll in MDM before the current enrollment expires. 

The MAID script is located in a JumpCloud Support repository. After you download and save the script, you’ll use a JumpCloud PowerShell command to run the script.

Prerequisite: The JumpCloud PowerShell Module must be installed on your device. For instructions on setting up PowerShell, see Install the JumpCloud PowerShell Module.

To upload a large number of MAIDs into JumpCloud:

  1. Access this URL:
  2. Download the updateManagedAppleId.ps1 script to a convenient location.
  3. Open a PowerShell terminal.
  4. Navigate to the script’s location. For example, if you saved the script to your C:\Temp directory:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cd C:\Temp

  1. Run the script:

PS C:\Temp> ./updateManagedAppleId.ps1


You can run the JumpCloud PowerShell Module on macOS devices. See Install the JumpCloud PowerShell Module

The script searches for a CSV file called ManagedAppleDiscovery.csv. 

  1. If the CSV file does not exist, type Y at the prompt to generate a CSV file containing the user’s ID, email, and a blank ManagedAppleID field. The ManagedAppleID attribute field will always be blank, even if the user has an assigned MAID. After the CSV file is generated, the script will pause and allow you to make edits.
  2. As the script runs, any blank fields in the CSV file for user IDs or emails will be skipped and a detailed message appears onscreen after the script completes. If you know that a user already has a managedAppleID attribute set, you can leave that field blank in the CSV file to skip that user, or you can preemptively delete that user’s row.

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