Migrate Users and Devices from Active Directory

See the following articles for information on migrating users from Active Directory (AD): 

Migrating Windows Devices from AD to JumpCloud

You can migrate your Active Directory (AD) OnPrem Windows devices to your JumpCloud org while keeping them protected and secure. From a high level, to do so:

  1. Create the policies you need for your devices in JumpCloud.
  2. Bind the JumpCloud policies to all of the AD On Prem Windows devices in scope.


You may receive error messages regarding the following policies:

  • Rename Local Administrator Account
  • Enable/Disable Local Administrator Account
  • Rename Local Guest Account
  • Enable/Disable Local Guest Account

This is expected behavior, because the device is still bound to Active Directory at this time.

  1. Unbind the devices from Active Directory.

Migrating Mac Devices from AD to JumpCloud

The JumpCloud ADMU doesn't support Mac devices, but you can follow these steps to manually migrate devices from AD to JumpCloud:

  1. On the macOS device, open System Settings.
  2. Go to Users & Groups.
  3. Go to Network account server and click Edit…
  4. Select Open Directory Utility.
  5. In the bottom left of the Directory Utility app, click the lock icon and enter the administrator password.
  6. Select the Active Directory entry that corresponds to the domain that the Mac is joined to.
  7. At the bottom left, click the minus () to remove the Mac from AD.
  8. Enter the administrator password to confirm the removal.
  9. Once the Mac has been removed from AD, close the Directory Utility app and System Settings.

After removing the device from AD, you'll need to convert any mobile user accounts to local user accounts to avoid password sync issues. You can use the following tool: GitHub - BIG-RAT/mobile_to_local: Migrate mobile Active Directory account to a local account.

  • Alternatively, you can use the following script to perform both actions automatically – remove the device from AD and convert the user from a mobile to local account: MigrateADMobileAccountToLocalAccount.command script.
  • Note that JumpCloud does not maintain or support these third-party tools.
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