Hide Windows App Using a Policy

You can use a JumpCloud policy called JumpCloud App Controls to hide the Windows App from devices in your organization. The Windows App lets users quickly navigate to and access their resources in the JumpCloud User Portal from the system tray app, so that they don't have to bookmark or remember the User Portal URL. The user’s JumpCloud password also provides access to the device, software, WiFi, and everything else an IT infrastructure has to offer. The user can also change the JumpCloud password without admin intervention using the Windows App.

The JumpCloud agent silently installs the Windows App automatically. You don't have to remember to manually install the Windows App on a user’s device. If you don't want to provide the user with access to the Windows App, you must manually hide it. Although you can hide the Windows App on a user’s device, we recommend that you leave it enabled. You can read about the reasons in Get Started: The JumpCloud Windows App.

In some cases, the Windows App can’t be used on a device and should be hidden. One of these cases is when user accounts are managed by Active Directory through AD Integration. These user accounts can’t use the Windows App to reset passwords.


  • To apply a policy to a device, it must be running on a supported OS. Before you assign a policy, follow the instructions in Get Started: Devices.
  • To apply a policy to a group of devices, you must define device groups. Before you assign a policy, follow the instructions in Get Started: User Groups.

To create a JumpCloud App Controls policy:

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal: https://console.jumpcloud.com/login.
  2. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Policy Management.
  3. Click (+), then select the Windows tab.
  4. Select JumpCloud App Controls, thenclick configure.
  5. (Optional) In the Policy Name field, enter a new name for the policy or keep the default. Policy names must be unique.
  6. (Optional) In the Policy Notes field, enter details like when you created the policy, where you tested it, and where you deployed it.
  7. Under Settings, select the Hide Windows App option.
  8. (Optional) Select the Device Groups tab, then select one or more device groups on which to apply the policy.
  9. (Optional) Select the Devices tab, then select one or more devices on which to apply the policy.
  10. Click save.
  11. Click save again to confirm.
  12. Restart all devices where you applied the JumpCloud App Controls policy.
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