Get the Most Out of MDM

After you configure Apple’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) and enroll and deploy your macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices, MDM can help you manage those devices. The ability to remotely and securely implement policies and execute MDM commands can save you time and headaches when you maintain managed devices.

Using Policies

You can use JumpCloud policies to securely and remotely manage devices in your organization. A policy lets you remotely distribute and apply settings found in ready-to-use policies. See Create an MDM Policy.

You can also create a custom policy profile to distribute specialized payloads and restrictions. See Create a Custom MDM Policy Profile.

Understanding MDM Commands

The MDM protocol allows you to execute certain management commands remotely. MDM uses the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to deliver a wake-up message to a managed device. The device then connects to JumpCloud to retrieve commands and return results. 

You can run these commands on devices that are enrolled in MDM:

MacOS devices

  • Lock
  • Restart
  • Shut down
  • Erase

iOS devices

  • Lock (corporate and personal iPhones)
  • Erase (corporate iPhones only)
  • Unenroll (personal iPhones only)

To learn how to run MDM commands, see MDM Commands.

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