Create an MDM Policy

JumpCloud policies can help you customize, manage, and secure macOS and iOS devices that are enrolled in MDM. The JumpCloud Admin Portal provides a variety of ready-to-use MDM policies that are easy to implement. You can also build a custom policy profile that includes specific payloads and policies. The custom MDM policy profile is an XML file with an extension of .mobileconfig.

There are two types of MDM policies:

  1. Ready-to-Use MDM Policies – Use a policy in the JumpCloud Admin Portal and tailor it to your organization to control firewalls, access FileVault, disable Siri, lock the screensaver, etc. For more information, see Create a Policy.


There is a ready-to-use JumpCloud MDM Enrollment Policy that helps you create a policy profile to streamline macOS enrollment in MDM without using Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment. For more information, see Create a Mac MDM Enrollment Policy.

  1. Custom MDM Policy Profiles – Create a custom MDM policy profile for certificates, kernel extensions, privacy preferences, VPN, etc. For more information, see Create a Mac or iOS MDM Custom Configuration Profile Policy.

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