Create Custom User Attributes

JumpCloud's Custom Attributes enable you to create and store additional data about your users, beyond the standard attributes available for every user. Custom attributes are extensible through the API and can be used with the Workday Directory integration and SAML Single Sign On (SSO).  Custom Attributes currently aren’t supported for LDAP or RADIUS. 


You can create custom attributes for user groups, then users who are assigned to the user group inherit the custom attributes. See Group Inherited User Attributes to learn more. 

Creating and Managing Custom Attributes in the Admin Portal

You can create and manage Custom Attributes from the Admin Portal and by adding, modifying, deleting, and querying this information through JumpCloud's API.

To add custom attributes to a user from the Admin Portal

  1. Login to the Admin Portal:
  2. Go to USER MANAGEMENT Users.
  3. Click the green + symbol at the top-left to create a new user, or select an existing user for the User Details Panel. click details on the right-hand column of an existing user.
  4. Go to Custom Attributes.
  5. Click Add New Custom Attribute.
  6. Enter an Attribute Name and an Attribute Value.
  7. Click add new custom attribute to add another custom attribute, or click save.

User Attribute configuration allows for:

  • Name – The Name field contains a string defining the attribute’s display name. The name string must be less than 32 characters, must be unique and can only contain letters and numbers, no special characters.
  • Value – The Value field contains a string to insert the attribute’s value. The Value string contains no character restrictions.

Attributes with API

As an admin, you have the ability to manage custom user attributes through the API as a modifiable property for System Users.  See JumpCloud API documentation for more information and examples.

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