Assign Command Runners

There are two primary user roles in the JumpCloud Admin Portal: Administrators and Command Runners (see Manage Admin Accounts for more details). Command Runner users have very limited capabilities. They can:

  • View Commands to which they’ve been given access in Commands.
  • Run Commands to which they’ve been given access in Commands.
  • View the results of commands to which they’ve been given access in Commands.

Command Runner users cannot edit commands or their schedules, nor can they access any other part of JumpCloud. The Command Runner role is to allow a senior system administrator to prepare any number of automated commands, and then be able to delegate the authority to run that command to a person who may have more limited technical knowledge or ability.

Creating a Command Runner User in JumpCloud

  1. To create a Command Runner user, log in to your JumpCloud account as an Administrator.
  2. Select your initials, and click Administrators.
  3. Click ( ) in the Settings Administrators tab.
  4. Enter the email of the user, and select Command Runner or Command Runner with Billing. Billing access allows a user to enter new credit cards in JumpCloud, so that you can create a user who is not associated with any command, who can only update the credit card information on your account.
  5. The user will receive a verification email. When they click the Verify link, they’ll be able to set a password for their Command Runner account. If you have enabled Multi-factor Authentication for the user, they will need to configure an authenticator app on their smartphone with the QR code provided during verification.

Joining a Command Runner User to a Command

When the Command Runner user is created, they can immediately be associated with any command in your JumpCloud Commands list. To do so:

  1. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Commands.
  2. Click > to view an existing command’s details, or ( + ) to create a new command.
  3. Click Command Runners.
  4. Select the Command Runner users to associate with the command.
  5. Click save.

When the Command Runner user enters the JumpCloud Admin Portal, they will be able to see the commands you've associated them with, as well as run them and see the results of the commands.

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