A critical part of a directory service is having the ability to manage systems. This capability enables IT admins to secure devices, ensure that systems are compliant with policies, and allow devices to be supported whether on-prem or remote. Legacy directories like Microsoft Active Directory® try to solve this issue through their Group Policy Objects (GPO) functionality, which enables IT admins to execute tasks on Windows devices. These tasks could include enforcing password rotation or complexity, updating registry settings, and provisioning network file share access among others.

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® takes the concept of system management to the next level. Directory-as-a-Service® enables IT admins to execute simple or complex tasks on their Windows®, Mac®, or Linux® systems. Tasks can be executed ad hoc, scheduled, or even triggered based on a webhook. JumpCloud provides full results from the task execution in a web-based UI or via API. Admins also have centralized execution of scripts and commands across these systems. The scripts can be written in bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, Go, Node.js, and any other language that the system supports. Further, audit logs of all scripts and commands that were executed are accessible to IT admins as well. All of these features not only reduce the amount of work an IT admin needs to do, but they increase security by creating and enforcing security policies, save time for Chaadmins by automating task execution, reduce errors in task and policy execution, and increase the visibility into Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Think of the capability as cross-platform GPO-like functions.

  • Execute tasks on your Windows, Mac, or Linux devices from a central Web-based console. 
  • Tasks can be simple commands or complex scripts written in virtually any language the device supports.
  • Device management tasks can be run ad hoc, scheduled, or triggered by external input.

With Directory-as-a-Service® system management, IT admins can do more in less time. As the IT landscape continues to move into mixed-platform environments and the cloud, system management is continuing to become more and more critical. The days of having an on-premise device management tool that can only handle a single platform is coming to a close. Having a cross-platform, cloud-based system management solution like Directory-as-a-Service® is truly the future of the system management space.

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