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Why SMBs Need a Cloud Directory

If you’re a business owner and you aren’t looking to cloud technology for growth, you’re giving the competition a leg up and a head start.


What is an Open Directory?

Today, many IT admins are using an open directory. What is an open directory, you ask? It's an identity provider built for heterogeneous IT.


Security for SMBs

SMB owners are struggling with how to address IT security, but by implementing these 6 best practices, they can dramatically step-up their defenses.


What is the Value of JumpCloud?

IT admins have been wondering. “What is the value of JumpCloud?” In this post we dive deep into the tangible and intangible value JumpCloud has to offer.


The Security Playbook for SaaS Startups

Has security for your SaaS startup been on your mind? Read this playbook for founders and CEOs to learn how to implement a strong security foundation.


Enabling Compliance through Cloud IAM

There's a lot of ways to meet compliance within an organization, and a new category of IT solution is enabling compliance through cloud identity management.