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The Fine Art of Making Security Policies Palatable


Providing your workforce with secure access to IT resources anytime, from anywhere, is a must in this era of rapid workforce decentralization. But how do you step up security in a way that’s easy on end users and admin teams alike?

Education comes first. Employees may balk at a sudden announcement that your org now requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), but setting the expectations for why and how new layers of security are being rolled out goes a long way toward reducing friction — and creating a culture that values security rather than tolerates it.

In this webinar you will learn:

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How to make your users aware that passwords aren’t enough, and start a deeper conversation around security

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Strategies for beta-testing new security protocols with the users it will affect the most

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Frictionless ways to implement gold-standard security measures such as MFA

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How to beef up your security posture while eliminating the need for third-party authenticators

Meet the Speakers:

Jorge Herrera

Jorge Herrera

System Administrator


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