Core Directory / User Identity Services

Redefining the Directory for Remote and Cloud-first IT Teams

Meet the Speakers:

Stephen O'Grady

Principal Analyst & Co-founder


Tim Howes

Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist

Co-Creator of LDAP

How we work is constantly evolving. From desktop to mobile, from office to remote, the way we work, collaborate, and communicate is in constant flux. Often times, change can increase productivity and efficiency, but can also come at a cost. IT admins have to deal with an ever-increasing number of operating systems, devices, and applications to manage today’s work environments. The role of a directory is to provide secure access to resources for employees and enable IT admins to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. As the IT landscape changes, on-prem based, proprietary directories like AD are unable to meet modern-day requirements.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why AD-based environments are disadvantaged in today’s remote-work world
  • How migrating to a cloud directory solves the modern IT puzzle
  • Considerations for building your cloud directory

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Choosing, Implementing, and Operating an All-in-One Cloud Directory

Justin Price and Bill Mrochek

58:39 minutes 58:39 minutes

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

How ClassPass Adapted to the Pandemic & Remote Work with a Cloud Directory

Cassa Niedringhaus and Randy Tanenhaus

1 Hour 1 Hour

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

Migrating from Active Directory: Securely Managing a Domainless Enterprise

John Ellis and Dan Fay

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