Partner Spotlight: Digital Fire Team

By joining our growing Partner Program, IT service providers can take their business farther and bring their services to more customers than ever before. In turn, we’d like to highlight some Partners in particular that are helping organizations around the globe become more secure, efficient, and connected with the cloud.

  • JumpCloud Partner: Digital Fire Team
  • COO: Ruben Herrera
  • CEO: David Meyer
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Website:
  • Area of Expertise: Networking, servers, and security
  • Ideal Customer: Needs to meet compliance regulations and want a value-added service (VAS)

Can you tell us about your business? When and how did you get started?

David: We’re a veteran-based organization. We understand rapidly changing environments and we’re synced with technology. It’s what we do—we love it. We call ourselves Geeks of Glory. We like to go in and fix problems.

We’ve been in business for about three years and have been growing steadily. We started this business understanding that there are a lot of compliance issues that many organizations don’t have the expertise to handle themselves. So from our perspective, we wanted to pull together a group of highly skilled individuals to diversify the cost for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) where they can afford IT expertise.

What would you say is your primary area of expertise?

David: We offer managed services and provide antivirus, full patching and monitoring, and real-time help desk support so they can call us 24/7. Most businesses can’t afford an onsite IT person, but we give our clients that capability. That’s just our bread and butter, and we offer it for all of our customers. We understand that IT is a full picture, and we’re able to work the entire environment from firewall all the way down to software. We know how to make it all work together and how to optimize performance so that downtime is eliminated. We also understand, from a security to risk standpoint, you don’t have to buy the most expensive widget to have solid security. Sometimes it’s a process or procedure, so we come in as a consultant that can translate IT talk into business sense. We make it work for the client within their individual plan.

Who are your ideal customers and why do they choose to work with you?

David: We don’t really have an ideal customer, but we do want the right type of customer—someone that actually wants us to come in and help them, and be a value added service (VAS). We have medical clinics, laboratories, banking and investment firms, mom-and-pop restaurants, and we have some as small as one-computer-shops, so the gambit is pretty wide. We see a variety of PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, and even have some DOD clients where we provide support and help them meet their specific compliance regulations.

Can you share more about the services your offer?

Digital Fire Team

David: We offer a wide range of services. The whole concept of being a fire team is we all have different specialties that work together. So we have an expert in networking, an expert in servers, an expert in security, an expert in compliance and documentation support, etc.

What’s the one piece of security advice you give every client?

David: I would say that just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean you’re not obligated to do it. It’s not just what kind of financial penalty or hit you’ll take, it’s something you owe to your customers as part of that unspoken trust between a business and their client. So we believe in that and we’re here to assist and make that work for an organization.

The IT landscape is changing. What should organizations be thinking about?

David: Our clients are being told misconceptions and think that they don’t have to worry about security stuff. They think because it’s in the cloud, it’s all secure. Then, a lot of the time, they’re coming to us after getting hit with penalties. So, we come in and we’re able to say yeah you have some cloud services, but here’s how we can integrate it all and improve your security. A good example would be having single sign-on (SSO). A lot of people will keep a ton of passwords because they have so many separate accounts. The more complicated the password management is, however, the more effort they’re willing to put into finding an easier solution, and the one they come up with is not always the most secure. So, we’re able to come into their environment and use JumpCloud’s single sign-on to simplify their day-to-day operations.

Why did you partner with JumpCloud?

David: We were looking for a way to bring Mac into the fold for centralized authentication in a mixed environment. Mac servers are pretty expensive and it’s something that you definitely don’t need if you’re only a three or four shop house. So, we were researching how we centralize authentication for Mac systems, and JumpCloud popped up. We tested it within our lab environment and it worked great. In fact, we liked it enough that we got rid of our domain controller and completely transferred over to JumpCloud. It allowed us to move forward as an organization, and we believe in it enough that we’re going to push it towards our clients. JumpCloud is a product we stand by.

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