Device Authentication and Management

Preparing for Big Sur: What Admins Need to Know About Apple MDM & the Future of Device Management

Meet the Speakers:

Bradley Chambers


Tom Bridge

Technolutionary, LLC

With the imminent release of macOS Big Sur, Apple delivers much more than a facelift to its desktop operating system. The Apple MDM protocol becomes the de facto method to remotely configure macOS devices, eliminating other options and solidifying the role of MDM as critical IT infrastructure. Advance preparation will make the shift to Big Sur easier for admins and end users alike. Is your organization ready? 

Watch and listen to Apple experts Bradley Chambers and Tom Bridge as they discuss what should be done to prepare for Big Sur and the future of Mac management. You’ll learn technical details about what’s new in Big Sur and how peers in IT are approaching it, with predictions about the evolving Apple ecosystem and practical tips on topics like custom configuration profiles, zero-touch device deployment, user activity reporting, and more.  

Meet the Speakers

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to prepare a smooth and secure transition to Big Sur for an organization of any size with employees working from anywhere
  • How and why Apple MDM solutions become business critical instead of just nice to have
  • Nuances around enrolling devices into MDM before vs. after the Big Sur release
  • Guidelines for evaluating Apple MDM solutions that balance flexibility, cost, and additional functions for heterogeneous environments
  • How to easily prevent users from immediately downloading and installing Big Sur if you need to buy more time

Device Authentication and Management

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Device Authentication and Management

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Device Authentication and Management

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