Core Directory / User Identity Services

Migrating from Active Directory: Securely Managing a Domainless Enterprise

Meet the Speakers:

John Ellis head shot

John Ellis

Technical Program Manager, Business Systems

TechSoft 3D

dan fay

Dan Fay

Implementation Engineer


This spring’s shift to remote work was the final straw for the Active Directory infrastructure John Ellis was managing at TechSoft 3D. The on-premises implementation had grown overly complex, and Ellis knew it would struggle to secure and support his newly remote users. In this webinar, Ellis walks through his team’s requirements for responsibly replacing Active Directory and migrating directory services to the cloud, and how they have been able to meet those requirements by implementing a modern domainless architecture. In addition to Ellis's story, Identity and access management expert Dan Fay also joins the session to walkthrough the cloud directory solution TechSoft evaluated and chose to adopt.

Core Directory / User Identity Services

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

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