Core Directory / User Identity Services

IT’s New Reality: The Day-to-Day of the 2021 Admin

Meet the Speakers:

Idan Mashaal

Director of Cyber Security


Steven Hodges

Systems Administrator


Global trends like the Work From Anywhere movement, device-agnostic workforces, and heightened security risks have brought real, everyday changes to the world of IT. In a continuation of our 9/15 webinar on how IT as a function has shifted in 2021, we’ll explore how these large-scale changes affect IT admins on a daily basis.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • New/heightened security vulnerabilities and why MFA doesn’t see incredible adoption despite the risk landscape
  • The impact that WFA has on the IT department’s daily task load and personal stress levels
  • IT’s rising profile in the eyes of the C-suite – and tips for educating stakeholders

Core Directory / User Identity Services

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

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