How to Modernize Your AD Instance

The IT Professional’s Roadmap to Augmenting or Replacing AD


Whether you want to extend your Active Directory instance to support additional capabilities, need to prepare for an eventual migration without replacing your current implementation, or are ready to move away from AD completely, we’ve built a roadmap for you.

Find your path to modernizing Active Directory by following along with the journeys of Tyrone, Kate, and Eric, fictional IT professionals navigating three different real-world situations where AD needs an update. Grab your copy for detailed insights on the different ways you can prepare your organization to modernize AD.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Which path to modernization is right for you—whether that means preparing for a migration or augmenting AD to fit your changing needs
  • How to get your tech stack and existing AD instance ready for modernization—and the steps you need to take to achieve your end goal
  • How the paths toward breaking up with AD or extending your current instance differ, and the workloads associated with each method

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Uncategorized Modernizing AD Is Possible.

Businesses need to modernize their Active Directory (AD) instance to support the flexible, straightforward, and cloud-friendly tools they use every day.