Modernize Active Directory: Break Free from the Limitations of AD

Augment your IT environment without disrupting it—get more from Active Directory.


Just because you use Active Directory doesn’t mean you have to forgo the ability to seamlessly support your ever-changing environment. Just ask Kate, a fictional IT admin representing the journey many AD users take to enable better flexibility and control without deprecating their Active Directory instance.

Uncover how you can take the path to modernizing and expanding your Active Directory instance to better support modern work challenges by integrating with JumpCloud’s open directory platform.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • Why it can be difficult to move on from Active Directory, and the reasons why some organizations decide to augment their implementation instead of removing it altogether
  • The limitations of Active Directory in a modern work environment—and how you can overcome them and future-proof your IT stack by integrating with JumpCloud’s open directory platform
  • The range of functionalities you can offload to JumpCloud and how to do so easily and at your own pace

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Uncategorized Modernizing AD Is Possible.

Businesses need to modernize their Active Directory (AD) instance to support the flexible, straightforward, and cloud-friendly tools they use every day.