JumpCloud Webinar Series

How To Modernize AD: An Admin’s Journey to IT Flexibility

calendar iconTue / Sep. 26 / 12:00 PM (ET)


You don’t need to deal with lack of flexibility and modernity just because AD is already part of your stack.

Join Rodger Bright, a senior sales engineer at JumpCloud with extensive Active Directory experience, to learn about the limitations of Active Directory in today’s IT environments, explore some of the different ways you can enhance AD based on your unique use case, and hear how JumpCloud’s open directory platform can help you modernize AD and regain your organization’s IT flexibility.

In this webinar you will learn:

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What the path to modernizing AD looks like, and the different avenues you can choose from depending on your company’s use case

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How other IT admins made the decision to modernize AD, and their challenges and wins along the way

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How JumpCloud can help you modernize Active Directory by granting you greater freedom of choice, support for modern work, and off-prem infrastructure

Meet the Speakers:

Tom Bridge

Director of Product Management

Rodger Bright

Senior Sales Engineer

Samantha Morgan

Principal Product Manager

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