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Going Remote: Transitioning from In-Office to At-Home in 3 Days

JumpCloud's IT Support Team, Ryan Bacon and Noah Rosen, dive into how JumpCloud transitioned its workforce to an entirely remote model in three days. This webinar offers insight into how Ryan and Noah seamlessly enabled their users to work from home, providing information on what tools JumpCloud uses to foster a sense of community while apart and some challenges our IT team faced during implementation.

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Maintaining a Secure, Productive Onboarding/Offboarding Experience in a Cloud-Focused World

Chase Doelling

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Set Up & Secure The Modern Office in 30 Minutes- without Active Directory

Greg Keller

Device Authentication and Management

Managing Macs in the Cloud-forward Enterprise Jamf and JumpCloud

Greg Keller and Jonah Klevesahl