Creating a Roadmap for IT Mental Health

Meet the Speakers:

Zach Boewer

Former VP of IT & Startup Founder

Britten Devereux

Clinician and Change Management Expert

Donyea Foster

IT Support Technician


We spend a lot of time talking about roadmaps: implementation roadmaps, product roadmaps, and more. But what about perhaps our most important roadmap — the mental health roadmap?

In modern business, hero status often comes from being so busy that you feel overwhelmed. That has left many of us in the IT community exhausted, burnt out, or depressed. COVID and the sudden move to remote work only aggravated this situation, making it harder to find personal time, and to form the connections needed to support mental well-being. There has to be a better way.

Join this much-needed discussion with mental health expert Britten Devereux and a panel of tech startup veterans, covering their all-too-common struggles with work-life balance — and concrete tools and strategies for building a roadmap to mental health.

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