Breaking the Perimeter: Building a Zero Trust Security Model with JumpCloud

Meet the Speakers:

Greg Keller, CTO

Greg Keller



Amy Krishnamohan, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Amy Krishnamohan

Sr. Director, Product Marketing


In work-from-anywhere models, keeping employees safe as they work on their preferred device is IT’s new main challenge. Traditionally, with employees working in-office, they would be protected by perimeter-based defenses, but outside of that domain, remote workers introduce attack vectors that a defense perimeter struggles to cover.

A Zero Trust security model eliminates the concept of the perimeter altogether. Instead, it relies on treating every vector as a potential threat, and making the right security decisions to cover for those threats.

Join JumpCloud’s CTO, Greg Keller, as he discusses the concept of Zero Trust and how modern IT organizations can implement it at scale to protect employees wherever they work.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why Perimeter-based Defenses Break Down with Remote Workers
  • How Zero Trust Security Covers All of an Organization’s Bases
  • What You can Do to Implement Zero Trust

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