JumpCloud Optimizes MFA With Enrollment Periods

BOULDER, COLO. – December 3, 2018 – JumpCloud®, the first Directory-as-a-Service® platform, today announced the improvement of its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) functionality by introducing an MFA enrollment period and improved workflow feature launching December 3, 2018.

JumpCloud’s multi-factor authentication functionality is a core part of its cloud directory service. Not only should MFA be leveraged for application logins where it has become commonplace, it should also be leveraged at the system level. JumpCloud’s MFA feature works with Mac and Linux systems as well as the JumpCloud user and admin portals enabling application level MFA capabilities as well as systems.

The MFA enrollment period makes it easier for admins to enable Multi-Factor Authentication without disrupting users by providing a flexible time frame for setting up MFA. Admins are able to define the number of days a user is allowed to bypass setting up MFA before they’re required to do so. Now a streamlined process, users are able to enroll in MFA during login via a prompt to the user portal—rather than just an email sent to their inbox. Once a user elects to enable MFA, they are led through the streamlined enrollment process.

“We recognize that cloud-forward organizations today are faced with the challenge of increasing security while preventing disruptions to their employees,” said Scott Nusz, Director of Product Management at JumpCloud. “Multi-Factor Authentication is central in this debate, as it has become an indispensable tool in securing cloud-identities, but is often difficult to roll out without disrupting employees.”

JumpCloud MFA utilizes authenticator codes known as Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) Tokens. As part of the streamlined enrollment process, the user is now simply asked to setup MFA with a QR code and TOTP token, and is then prompted for MFA verification at the next login to the User Portal.

“The improved MFA enrollment workflow makes it easier and more convenient for our team as well as our users to have MFA enabled on day one,”  said Juergen Klaassen, Principal IT Architect at Grab.

The MFA enrollment periods functionality is available immediately and can be leveraged with MFA for Mac, Linux, applications via the JumpCloud user portal, and for admins accessing and managing JumpCloud. JumpCloud’s MFA features are available at no additional cost and included with the Pro version of the platform.

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