Full Disk Encryption Simplified for Mac and Windows

BOULDER, COLO. – December 14, 2018 – JumpCloud®, the first cloud-based directory service, announced today the addition of full disk encryption (FDE) policies to enable and centrally manage FDE for both Windows® and Mac® systems to their Directory-as-a-Service® platform. JumpCloud’s cloud identity management features include the ability to manage Windows, Mac, and Linux® systems with GPO-like functions and through scheduled or ad hoc commands and scripts. FDE management is a key Policy within the JumpCloud DaaS platform.

Cyber security is one of the most pressing matters in IT today. With laptop and desktop systems being a critical attack vector, IT is implementing FDE to secure data at rest. With FDE enabled, a computer’s data is continually encrypted during times when the machine is idle. The hard drive can only be unencrypted by the user’s password (or an intricate recovery key), protecting against instances where computer theft may be the cause of a breach.

“We frequently talk with customers that know enabling FDE is critical, but give up in frustration when attempting to enable and manage it in mixed-OS environments,” said George Wagner, Senior Product Marketing Manager for JumpCloud. “With JumpCloud’s FDE Policy, IT admins can simply enable FDE and it’s done – no matter the OS or location. And, perhaps even more critical than enforcing FDE on all machines, is that individual recovery keys will be securely vaulted in case they are required due to a forgotten password.”

FDE Management Policy Features Include:

  • Remote FDE enablement to any location
  • Cross-OS encryption management for both macOS and Windows endpoints
  • Secure private individual key escrow and retrieval
  • Ability to audit what managed systems have FDE enabled

“JumpCloud’s full disk encryption policies help our team to simplify our challenge of securing and remotely managing our fleet of systems,” said Colleen Alaimo, IT Director at Excella. “These policies, in addition to the wide and growing array of policies we can currently apply across our endpoints, ensure we have the most secure systems possible.”

Increasingly becoming an industry standard for security and compliance requirements, it’s vital to enforce FDE efficiently across all systems. Prior to JumpCloud’s policy additions, IT admins were forced to use an array of third-party tools to achieve system security. JumpCloud’s FDE management solution is bridging the cross-OS gap and filling the void. Adding policies for both BitLocker for Windows and FileVault 2 for Mac, JumpCloud is a unified FDE tool that is fully compatible across both platforms.

A key feature of JumpCloud’s FDE implementation is the secure vaulting of individual recovery keys. Each system that has FDE enabled will generate a recovery key to unlock the disk drive if the end user forgets their password. This highly critical component of the FDE management implementation is a must have requirement for any IT organization. Further, JumpCloud’s solution enhances security through individual recovery keys rather than less secure institutional recovery keys.

JumpCloud’s FDE management policy is available immediately and is a key feature within the Directory-as-a-Service platform. To learn more about JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service platform and FDE management, go to jumpcloud.com or contact [email protected].

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